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Re: Intonation Adjustments

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Posted by Andy on April 20, 2001 at 18:15:18:

In Reply to: Intonation Adjustments posted by DBS on April 18, 2001 at 11:24:28:

: The intonation on my strings seem to all run to the sharp side farther up the neck. I backed the bridge saddle nuts away from the pick-ups a little on the G-D-A strings and corrected the situation. I had to back the E string out further than the others. When I got to the Low-B, I had to back the saddle nut almost out to the limit. Do I have some kind of problem that requires a truss adjustment?

: Thanks
: The guage of string on the bsaa may not be what was the original guage.This may have some bering on why the intonation is out.The heavier the guage the furthar back the strings have to go to be properly intonated.If you as far back as you can on the saddle,there's not much you can do.The low B is especialy difficult to intonate because of it's size and mass.
Try to find out what the string guagethe bass was originaly set up with and go with that and reintonate the strings.Another solution may be to go with a lighter guage string thereby giving you a little more room to play with on the saddle when intonating.Another soluton may be to replace the bridge with one that has more travel space for the saddles.One that retro fits to the original screw holes would be best.Leo Quann makes a bridge called a baddass 2
,or something similar that gives extra space for adjusting the saddles.
If you stick with what you have,I suggest using a tuner to intonate the strings.Tune up to pitch to read exact pitch of the string,frett at 12 frett ,pluck string and see if pitch is still right on pitch.If sharp,move saddle back(away from pickups),then retune and test again untill correct pitch is reached.If flat,move saddle towards pickups ,retune and test again.Make slight adjustments when moving the saddles a little at a time till you've done your best.
No bass can be intonated to play perfect but a happy medium can be found,sounds like you've done the best you can.

Hope this helps Andy

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