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Posted by dave on May 27, 2001 at 23:39:01:

In Reply to: Re: bass strings posted by Emptyeye on May 27, 2001 at 22:08:37:

: : I recently bought a set of D'addario XLs, and when I brought them home and took them out of the package, I saw that they had no fabric/string wrapping around the tuner end. On my bass, a standard fender j-bass, I have to insert the tip of the string ito the tuner on the headstock and then wrap it around the knob. I don't want to damage my hardwear by wrapping the exposed metal around the tuner knobs, and I clearly don't know much about the subject, so if someone could please tell me whether I need to buy new strings or if I can just use these, it would be appreciated.

: Hey Dave,
: You can use those strings just fine. Basically, most "Factory Stock" strings--the strings the company puts on when they ship out their bass--seem to have fabric wrapped around them at their tip. I boiled a set of bass strings (Sparing you the details, it prolongs the life of the strings. It sounds crazy, I know, but I've done it and it really does work.), and as the fabric got sort of "peeled" off, I noticed there was almost NO wire at the tip. I think that's why the fabric's there in the first place. But I digress.
: To get back to your question, yes, you can use those strings no problem. Just make sure you get a set of wire cutters and snip off part of the top of the string unless you want it wrapped around the peg 10-15 times (I'm not kidding. I know from experience on this one). :) I think optimally you want it to wrap around the peg 2-3 times, but I'll let someone with more experience than I take that part of it.
: Hope this helped,
: -EE

Thanks a lot. You saved me twenty bucks I don't have.

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