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Posted by quinnman on May 30, 2001 at 18:59:01:

In Reply to: Re: Jaco thumbs posted by El Pájaro on July 27, 2000 at 07:56:44:

: : Hey, folks... Everytime people talks about Jaco Pastorius, one can't seem to avoid hearing about those 90 degree thumbs that was to some sort help for him when he played his bass. I've never got that, I mean, how can a pair of doublejointed thumbs help your bassplaying? Ain't got any, suppose it's painful to get some, but anyone who knows?

: Hey there Weazel,
: You won't believe this, but I do have 90 degree double-jointed thumbs like Jaco, only I didn't realize until quite recently. Unfortuntely, I can't play like the Master (nor anything close), so I doubt double jointed thumbs and great bass playing are anything but related :-).
: Is it an advantage? Don't think so. Actually, the reason why I realized I have double jointed thumbs was that I was having trouble playing in the lowest positions (let's say F in the first fret) for extended periods, and neither I nor my teacher could point out why that was.
: When your thumb "comes out" of your hand at 90 degrees, it takes actually more effort to place the thumb correctly (that is, facing the fretting fingers) on the back of the neck, so hand fatigue sets in faster. Also, it gets harder to fret the notes with the tip of the left index finger, so the callus develops more in the side of that finger.
: That's only my vision of this fact, and there's not much info around about this, so if anybody else has something to add to this, please speak up.
: Buena suerte and keep your basses up front in the mix,

: El Pájaro

I am doing a school project on the human hand. Could you send me a picture or 2 of your double jointed thumbs? Thanks

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