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Posted by HUB on June 16, 2001 at 16:34:02:

In Reply to: Jazz Chord Progressions posted by Clifton on June 11, 2001 at 17:48:10:

: Hi,
: I have not been playing the Bass very long but, I learn very quickly. I have a question that I hope that someone will be able to answer. I have been playing/studying this Jazz Chord Progression of I-III7-vi-II7, (C-E7-Am7-D7)in the key of 'C.' The notes of this Progression are: (C) "C,G" (E7) "G#,E" (Am7) "A,E" (D7) "F#,D". Now, I know that the I-IV-V are Major, in a Major scale & the ii-iii-vi are minor in a Major scale with the vii chord being diminished. And the III-VI-VII are Major in a minor scale and the i-iv-v are minor in a minor scale with the ii chord being diminished.
: My question is: "Where does the "III7 & II7" come from?"
: In the Major scale the "iii & ii" are minor and in the minor scale the "ii" is diminished and the "III" is Major but, it is Eb!!
: Are there some rules that allow this to occur?
: Am I missing something? :^)
: Stay LOW, Live LOW & Play LOW,
: Clifton

Well it has been a very interesting week....I have recieved quite a few emails the last several days by people who are to afraid to voice their flawed views(as well as call me some amusing names) in a public forum, so I am going to make this very easy to understand.
Q: can Flea play by ear?
A: yes
Q: can Patitucci play by ear?
A: yes
Q: can Patitucci cover a Flea gig?
A: yes
Q: can Flea cover a Patitucci gig?
A: No
now why is that, Flea is a great player for the style he does, but, would be out of his league playing Jazz, Patitucci can cover a Flea gig because he understands the requirements of the gig. By knowing what you are playing, you can step into almost any playing situation and be comfortable. Playing by ear is the fundamental aspect of being a musician, we ALL play by ear,the difference is that some of us understand what it is that we are playing. Before you rebut me on this,(on this forum by the way) heres a challenge, I dare you to name me one pro jazzer who doesn't understand functional harmony or the requirements for playing jazz.


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