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Posted by Django P. on July 11, 2001 at 11:53:11:

In Reply to: Re: Funky Jaco Sound posted by Pat Harrington on July 10, 2001 at 17:58:20:

Pat - thanks for the info - excellent advice!

Jaco always said "it's in the fingers", so I wanted to put a few additional thoughts out there on how to get that funky Jaco sound.

1) Develop your sense of time & groove. Jaco started out as a drummer and actually kept his drum ability chops up ( a little known fact - Jaco played drums on a few tracks on his and the Weather Report albums). Jaco grooved with the best of them and I think knowing how to couple the bass to the drum line was key part.

2)Develop the stamina and chops to bang out fast 16ths with mute accents non-stop with nary a glitch over a 5-7 minute song. Playing a Florida soul band for years and then CC Rider was good training. Listen to Rocco PRestia as a starting point.

3)Noiseless playing - hear any string noise or open strings in his playing? He really worked that left/right hand muting combination to get a terrifficaly clean playing style. Jaco said it took him years to learn how top play "Donna Lee" noislessly.

4)Play lyrical - blend the lyric line into the bass line or counterpoint back the soloist as he is plays. There is a killer live version of "Free Man in Paris" where Jaco grooves hard which has always insired me regarding how a bass should play back-up. Unfortunately, this song was deleted from the older versions of Joni's live CD. If you see a cassette version (or the new release) check it out.

Keep the Woman & Rhythm Section first

: : Can you guys tell me how to get that funky sound that he gets?

: >>>> Fretless Fender Jazz Bass....Bridge pickup solo-ed, tone rolled
: off almost all the way, lots of left hand muting and ghost notes,
: right hand plucking back toward the bridge...I know my description
: is WAY simplified, but you'll get the idea...Dunno about that
: Yamaha Bass, I've never tried that one....

: I have a yamaha BBGNS if that makes any difference. Also what is a good amp that can be heard over a drum player but is afordable? $400 at the most. well, thanks for your help guys.

: >>>> Good Luck
: Pat H

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