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Posted by Ron on July 18, 2001 at 07:13:44:

In Reply to: uh oh! GK800rb posted by Uncle Sloppy on July 16, 2001 at 21:07:04:

IMHO musicians are being "ripped off" to a certain extent by the electronics industry. I recently went looking for a new ("modern" as opposed to "vintage" in this case) bass amp and tried a bunch of the commonly available brands (Fender, GK, Hartke, Peavy, SWR, etc.) ALL of them had a very high "noise floor" or back ground noise with no signal present. Even in the line or pre-amp output. GK was one of the worst. On the other hand GK was one of the "clearest" sounding.
The amplifier technology is available and cheap to build musical instrument amps that are quiet. I'm not talking about hum pickup from poorly shielded basses or cords etc., although I would like to see designers go to a balanced (three conductor, 1/4in plug) input as standard. The amount and type of "distortion" also differed a lot (and thats pesonal preference). I prefer amps with as little distortion as possible: I can add what I want in the effects loop. I definately don't like "non-harmonic" or intermod distortion. Unfortunately the manufacturers don't usually tell the whole story in the specs...

: Since I posted my first message on this board,
I spent about 4 or 5 hrs. going through it and reading various postings that caught my eye.(No lie.) Actually, I was on so long that my wife was like, "What the hell are you doing up there?" she thought i was looking at porn or somthing. I said "If i was looking at porn, it would'nt take this long! 10-15 min. tops!" But, enough about me, lets talk about my amp. In my travels I found a couple of posts that said that Gallien Krugers make alot of noise. I had a 400rb that made noise but I also played a Roadstar II with active electronics and always attributed the noise to that.(Also to the 3000lbs Peavy 2x10 1x18 cabinet I used to have that was REALLY road worn) So far with the 800rb I haven't had a problem with noise. I play a squire 5 string(yes, i know, a squire but,it works for me) without active electronics. Could actives be the problem? Are GK's prone to this noise? Any way to stop it before it starts?
: Any feedback would help.
: Thanks,
: Uncle Sloppy.
: P.S.
: dont let my name throw you. I have spent years trying to perfect a clean sound. (allmost got it right too!)

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