Re: How to adjust bridge?

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Posted by Dave Rawlings on August 05, 2001 at 12:27:20:

In Reply to: How to adjust bridge? posted by Justabeginner on August 05, 2001 at 09:53:38:

: I got a fretless with adjustabil bridge.

: My strings sound out of tune even when I have instument tuned by harmonis.

: How do you adjust bridge?


Tuning the bridge has no bearing on whether you have a fretted bass or a fretless, it is required for all basses BUT is even more important on a fretless. First step, get a high quality tuner. It should be as accurate as you can afford. The idea is to be able to tune the open string and the octave (12th fret position). Tune the open string until it is right in tune. Then fret the string at the octave and check the tuning. If it is right on, then you're done with that string. If the tuner shows it is sharp in the octave, then you'll have to back the bridge off (towards the body) just a hair. Retune the open string then the octave again. You'll be backing the bridge back a bit each time until BOTH the open tuning and the octave tuning is right on. If after tuning a string open and the octave shows flat, then you'll be moving the bridge toward the neck just a hair. It's a matter of going back and forth between the open and octave tuning until both are right on. When finished, you probably won't notice too much improvement when playing the lower notes, but as you go up the neck you will find you are playing more in tune than before.
One other thing, If you are not comfortable tackling this chore yourself (although you should know all about your own axe) take it to a competant BASS repairman to do the work. Good luck.

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