Re: How good is Paul Mccartney on Bass???

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Posted by Dave Rawlings on August 10, 2001 at 08:01:36:

In Reply to: Re: How good is Paul Mccartney on Bass??? posted by splatbass on August 09, 2001 at 18:45:38:

: : : i wonder what you think about Paul Mccartneys Bass playing ??

: : I have mixed feelings. He's very good at basic Rock n Roll patterns, plus he is pretty fast, but, he never explored any unknown territory. I can't see him playing Jazz or Funk. Then again, look at all the excellent songs he wrote. A creative genius.

: : Mickster

: WHAT? Never explored any unknown territory? It may not seem new today, because so many bass players copied him, but he practically reinvented bass playing. Listen to pre-McCartney bass playing compared to after and you will see what I mean. Before P.M. bass players often stayed on the root/fifth, he completely changed that. He is truly one of the best, most innovative bass players there is. You have probably learned a lot from him without even realizing it, because you picked it up from someone who learned it from him.

I too have mixed feelings about Sir Paul. True, he may have been a genius in his bass playing as compared to others before his time, but I think most of it is based on his role as a composer rather than as a bass player. Remember, he started out as a guitar player. Many of his bass harmonies would have been perfect as guitar harmonies. A lot of his bass lines are nowhere near as technically difficult to play as say, Jaco or Whooten or Flea, but is, as you say, technically difficult because it ISN'T basic root/fifth stuff. Just as Jaco brought out
the physical and sonic possibilities of the bass (as an instument), Paul brought out the harmony possibilites.

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