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Posted by Ron on August 15, 2001 at 12:27:05:

In Reply to: the mighty P-Bass posted by raul on August 09, 2001 at 09:33:31:

: anyone here play a Fender Precision?

: are the necks really huge like baseball bats? I wanna try one out but ain't no Fender dealers this side of the river. my hands ain't so big; can the neck size just be gotten used to?

: along the same lines...are the Fender American series P-Basses good quality?

: cheers

I've just been down this road. Here's my observations: There are actually two issues (or maybe more) affecting the feel of the thickness of the neck - width and thickness. Warwick basses for example have very thick necks for the width and feel like telephone poles (they are well made, high quality, great sounding etc. the necks still feel like telephone poles). J-bass and P-bass necks seem to be pretty close to the same width at the 17th fret but the J-bass seems narrower at the nut. The difference between the P-bass and the J-bass is less than the difference between a 4 string and a 5 string bass. On Fender quality the consenses seems to be Squirer (made in the far east) is on the bottom and the cheapest, the Made in Mexio are next and the Made in USA the "best" A sampeling of Squirer basses at the local music emporium bore this out. The fit and finish varied widely between the 6 samples I saw. The workmanship of the Made in Mexico bases was much much better and very consistant. I'd say it is equal to the workmanship of the made in USA basses. The rumor is that the Mexico bases have lower quality materials and components. I can't speak to the supposed quality of the wood but what I saw was beautiful. There was a small difference in the tone of the pickups between the Mexico bass and the USA bass. The USA bass was slightly brighter/clearer. Maybe strings? Maybe component values? Maybe different design of pickups? The frets on the Mexico bass appeared to be more of a brass color and those on the USA bass were more silver color. Different material? Fender makes a bass they call a "delux p-bass" I think, It is made in Mexico but with made in USA pickups, P-bass body, J-bass neck, P-bass pickup at the neck position and a J-bass pickup at the bridge position. Controls are simplified: one volume for each pickup and a "tone" control (that sounds like it is the old familiar treble blead...). If you're considering a Fender style bass check this one out. I think it is the most possible "bang for the buck" ringing in at less than 1/2 the price (in my area) of a made in USA bass.

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