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Posted by Bob 'Skippy' Blechinger on September 04, 2001 at 08:25:39:

In Reply to: 3 questions posted by A on September 03, 2001 at 17:01:49:

: O.k. here's a few questions for you.

Ok, here's a few answers for you. :-)

: 1) I love Ernie Ball roundwound slinky bass strings, but there are the slinky strings and there are the stainless steel bass strings. I'd only ever buy Ernie Ball strings, but is there a difference between the slinky roundwounds and the stainless steel strings ?

I'm not absolutely sure, but if there *are* differences, they'd probably be: 1) gauge; 2) metal formulation, and; 3) construction. Unfortunately, I'm not sure of what the exact differences are right offhand; you might want to check out for more info.

: 2) When I play my bass I have problems with my input jack (or whatever that thing you stick the lead in is called). The lead sort of rattles the jack and it makes a huge thud sound from my amp, sometimes it kind of squeels too. How do I stop this ?

What's happening is that the jack is grounding out - essentially a short circuit - which will give you the "thud" as the circuit shorts. Like splatbass said, cleaning the jack helps a lot, but bending the contacts in so that they maintain constant contact should eliminate the problem altogether.

: 3) Has anybody heard of a silencer ? I heard a rumour about a small device that you put on the end of your cable and when it is plugged into your bass it takes away the earth noise. I was told they were called silencers, but no-one seems to know anything about them.

I've heard of stuff like that; I *think* it's pretty much just a capacitor that's connected between hot and ground to shunt the 50/60-cycle hum (depending on whether you're in England or the USA) to ground. The same thing can be soldered onto the output jack, and it'll probably be cheaper, too.

: Any help with any of this would be great.

Hope that helps!


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