Okay, here's an apology, PLEASE READ THIS

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Posted by A on September 12, 2001 at 15:47:28:

In Reply to: you have to be kidding... posted by Bob on September 11, 2001 at 18:08:11:

: Kid, take a history class and you will see the terrible effects of British colonialism on the third world. Perhaps you should look at your own country before playing holier than thou.

Sorry, you've got a point, i was really pissed off when I wrote that and I often talk bulls**t when I get going. I'm sorry if i've offended you, I never meant to insult any Americans, only the sons of bitches that run both our countires and like to play god with our lives. Like I said before I hate those sick terrorists that did this and they are as much to blame as anybody else.

Beleive me, I never intended to make out that the British are blameless, personally I think that my country kind of sucks because of the things that are going on right now with all the trouble in Ireland. and you are right that if it wasn't for patriots then we wouldn't be here today, we wouldn't be speaking english and we'd be living in a dystopia like 1984 or Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 (I suggest you read that book it's really good).

But, I still think that this is a problem that a**hole political leaders have made for themselves and we are dying over. To quote one of my favourite songs "In a world without leaders, who'd start all the wars"

Sorry, I told you I love Americans, but our leaders are getting us killed and I think that that is inexcusable.
This is pretty unique for me, I don't often apologise and I want to say that I really am sorry for getting to you and offending your countries political system.
Oh yeah and since your telling me to get a history lesson, in England history lessons suck, all I know is what i've found out for myself, and that aint much.

I also want to say that my band is dedicating this new song I wrote to all those who died, I'm having to change the lyrics but we still think it is a good thing to do, because if people forget what happened then mistakes like this could happen again.

Peace, and sorry for offending you

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