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Posted by JT Murphy on October 12, 2001 at 15:48:45:

In Reply to: Bergantino Cabs posted by Zach on October 08, 2001 at 23:41:35:

I recently switched from SWR to Aguilar. Before I did, I tried Bergantino and Aguilar side by side. For me, the Aguilar was the shit. I chose the 1x12 for small gigs and a 4x10 for larger gigs. Later, I got another 1X12 to have a pair. The sound on all of the cabs is incredible. The 1x12 is the first cabinet in a long time that actually makes my pant leg flap. The cabinets sound very full, clear, and round. For my electric 6 string, with the 1x12 alone, I use a DB 359 200 watt tube amp which sounds great. When I use a pair it is even better. For double bass, I use a Walter Woods 1200 watt amp with a single 1x12. Beautiful sound and very portable. Before I used this set-up I spoke to both Walter Woods and Dave Boonshoft at Aguilar for their advice because the 1x12 is rated at 300 watts rms. Both guys endorsed the Walter Woods/Aguilar 1x12 set-up provided I wasn't trying to crank it up in a big hall. It's all about headroom here. I've also seen John Patitucci use this set up for his double bass and he always sounds great. By-the-way, I've seen John use a Bag End 1x10 with the Walter Woods and to my ears the Aguilar is warmer and clearer. With the 4X10 I use an Aguilar DB 728 400 watt tube amp. Wow! I don't always play loud, but the headroom is great for the six string. The cabinet is killer: always clean, full sound, no distortion and no muddiness. I've also used the 1X12 with an SWR stereo 800 amp and Aguilar pre-amp (single space) in bridged mono mode (600 watts into 8 ohms). Great headroom with this set up too and very portable. The solid state amp is not quite as warm as the tube amps but, the sound of the cabinet is again clear and warm. I've used this setup with other cabs and found it to be harsh. I also blew drivers with this set-up. None of the SWR cabinets could take this amp bridged.

The sound is excellent with the Aguilar cabs and the guys at Aguilar are excellent to deal with.

I switched from SWR because of the harsh tweeters. I was getting alot of distortion from the tweeter which drove me crazy. I also blew several SWR drivers including their 15 in the Triad. With the Aguilars, nothing but sweet bass sound. No distortion and no blown drivers. The Bergantino 3x10 didn't impress me although they use many of the same parts as Aguilar. The cross-overs are different as well as the encloseure designs. Of course the Bergantino blew away SWR.

I recommend Aguilar hands down.



: Hey all,

: It's been a while since I've been here. I'm just curious of what you all think or what you have heard about these new Bergantino speaker cabs, in particular, the 3x10. I'm currently using an SWR 4x10 setup, and I'm thinking about switching over to an Aguilar or Demeter setup along with either Bag End or Bergantino cabs. I've heard Bag End, but not Bergantino. How do they compare?

: Zach

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