Re: musical identity crisis

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Posted by Mark fowler on November 15, 2001 at 10:01:48:

In Reply to: Re: musical identity crisis posted by §̃urious on September 17, 2001 at 17:39:41:

: Ending a song? usually a good idea to resolve on the root note that the song started on. If you don't, it leaves a sense of the song being incomplete, which could be what you're going for sometimes, sometimes not.

: For example, song starts in G, End it in G, either at the octave or the chord, possibly even the third or fifth, if the remainder of the band is resolving to G. Whatever the feel of the song and the resolution note is, go with it.

: I think that your attitude where you're having fun on the bass is awesome, I love playing bass. When I'm down, when I can't seem to get it together, I pick up my bass and I play, I love it. I love playing with the guys in my band, going to jams, I'd say it's the one real joy and pleasure in my life right now.

: But I still practice and still learn my theory. Yes, the people who write the books on music theory have no more sense of how to make music theory enjoyable then a group of monkees know about how to type Hamlet. Yes, it's tough and not a whole lot of 'fun' but I find that when I'm jamming and I'm stuck, what I've learned and practiced starts coming through and helping me out and actually sounds really cool.

: So what'm I saying? trying to learn how the music works is about the best thing you can do. Theory's the road to that goal. No realy way around it. Sorry man.

I, too endorse the previous suggestions. Nothing beats knowing your theory as a rut buster. It will also help you in other areas. Here is another suggestion: Do you sing? Do you dance? If you do, encorporate those aspects in your presentation. A singing bassist will play differently than a non- singer, and a dancer will groove better (in most cases) than a standing still guy,
and someone who does all three will be way left of someone who doesn't. Your playing should reflect who you are.

Mark Fowler (No, I'm not related to Bernard or Bruce!)

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