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Posted by paige on January 01, 2001 at 11:48:01:

In Reply to: Re: rhetorical question posted by Mickster on December 28, 2001 at 16:10:53:

: Sam, ditto to what Bliss said. I've been playing on and off now for almost 30 years, and you know somethig? I don't care if I have my own sound or not. I play just to please myself instead of others(like I used to do years ago) and I'm enjoying playing more than ever. I know you're anxious to get good; everyone is, but, trying to tell you when you're going to develop your own sound is like me trying to tell you who you're going to marry. Don't give it a second thought; it like worrying about the weather a year from now. Just play and you'll hear it eventually, if you don't; have a beer!

: Let water and music seek their own levels.
: Mickster

Like the Mickster, I have been playing for a loooooong time. I have never pursued "my signature sound". Personally I think that is a quest for fool's gold. I have concentrated on being the best player I can possibly be. period. I learned the fretboard, I learned chordal theory, I learned the tunes I needed to know at whatever time I was playing. I listened to my own heart when it came to identifying the sound that I wanted to hear from my bass - that took a long time for me as I moved up the ladder from inexpensive to the more expensive basses. I have been happy with every bass I owned, but each lacked something that I wanted... the Ibanez Soundgear basses were too edgy for my taste, the PBass, tho classic (I still have one for that reason), did not have enough tonal variety for some of the gigs I did and so on and so forth.

What happened recently surprised me - a friend of mine who is a brilliant bassist at Berkley (or is it Berkeley - anyway the school in the Northeast not near San Francisco)heard some of my stuff and asked how long I had studied Steve Swallow's stuff? Huh? I have no idea who this guy was... so I got some of his recordings, and sure enough my approach to playing jazz solos on the bass IS kinda like his! So without knowing it, this Steve Swallow cat has kiped all of my licks and is traveling Europe doing my style!!!! (Just kidding)
Play what you want to play, friend... practice with the goal of being a good player who can play any number of styles, and you will be getting more and more phone calls to play for alot of folks.
The biggest honor a player can get is to hear "You name it, he can play it."
That's the sound you want to hear.
(Fairly Fat Old Guy)

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