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Posted by godster on January 04, 2001 at 09:14:41:

Last night I picked up my tanglewood rebel 4k to have a strum
and realised that the action on it was terrible,towards the 12 fret the strings
were almost 2/3rds of an inch away from the fretboard..(maybe an exaggeration).....I notice this because I have been playing a musicman for a while and the action is incredible on that, with this I decieded because it wasn't my main bass (but still a pretty good one!)I would experiment with my new found set up techniques that I had been reading up on this message board so I took the cover plate off the headstock and began turning the truss rod it took a lot of turns to get the action I wanted but eventually the action was i thought!!..but today reading the message board I saw something that said you are only meant to turn the truss rod very slightly and anymore than half a turn will damage the neck and I must of turned it six or seven turns
not completly round,just what the neck would allow..

Do you think I have damaged the neck,I did it last night and it has been hanging all day and soon as I leave work I will get back and take some of the tension off the neck to rectify my mistake

Is there any particuler nack to adjusting the bridge for the correct action
I also read that the pickups can be adjusted as well
I would really like to be able to do this myself because going to shops is just becoming to expensive ..........It can't be that hard?........can it!!

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