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Posted by uncle s. on January 05, 2001 at 10:19:09:

In Reply to: Needing advice posted by §žurious on January 03, 2001 at 09:54:39:

: I just played two concerts in four days. Quite a record for me and mine. The first was in a little (and I mean LITTLE) rural Church and the people went wild. Nothing like that had been done down there and they were really appreciative of it.

: Because the place was so small and one of the many things to go wrong was the fact that the ONLY guy with keys to this places "P.A." didn't show up so we all went through our amps. Including the lead singer who used his amp that we managed to get out of a locked up university which luckily was a Peavy acoustic with a mic pick up on it. Sounded okay and since I have a nice twenty five foot cord, I could play at the back and do a sound level check from there. It was all good through the amps and since I'm a crappy back-up vocalist, we didn't really need me.


: Bigger gig, bigger place, more people, better sound equipment, etc YEAH RIGHT!

: Less things went wrong this time around. But, we had a small problem with the sound. Again. This seems to happen with our band when we let others do our sound.

: Here's the set up

: All three used Amps, we microphoned the amps and let a little bleed through the main system since they found out that my bass amp is about twice as powerful as their system (Not bad for beat up used peavy 15"). So we were miked and taped three different ways. Once through the sound booth and twice through video cameras.

: Vocals and the amps for the two guitars came through fine. Bass didn't show up on any of the recordings until the second half where I was talking to someone and they mentioned that they couldn't hear the bass at all. So up went the bass right there.

: This is not the first time this snafu has happened with bad mixes and since we're starting to get into playing a lot (second indy released CD is about to be put into local stores that carry our stuff), I'm looking at the possibilty of starting to get a system together to do our own sound. If money were no object and we could convince the drummer that his kit takes up far too much room in my station wagon, we'd go all simulated: electronic drum kit, pods for the guitars and bass to model the cabs, and vocals through one PA system. All could fit in the car with less strain.

: However, money is an object :-) I'm sure you'll agree

: So where do we go from here? We play in some interesting different places from rural churches to concerts to outdoors, etc. Any ideas of how to get a DIY "P.A" system together on the fly that would be fairly easy to carry around? I'm already looking around and the pods aren't that expensive so it may be a serious look at the guitar issue, a couple of cabs, a power amp, a mixer, and some gear like mics, xlr cords, and stands, and we should be ready to rock.

: Anyone have any experience in this?

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