Re: Jaco and Flea, What do you think?

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Posted by Brak on January 07, 2001 at 19:52:36:

In Reply to: Re: Jaco and Flea, What do you think? posted by The Virign Tooth on January 07, 2001 at 05:21:55:

The reason many young people (and players) tend to listen to Flea is becous of this simple reason: He's on MTV.

Unfurtunally, people, in general I mean, doesn't really bother to go look for bassplayers. So, if you aren't into, or maybe even never listened (as opposed to heard) the kind of music Jaco plays, it's no surprise you would side with Flea.

Flea is better then many others, but the best, I don't know. I am sure he knows what he's doing though... Even people who start in bands that get famous without knowing diddly about their instrument usually develop their theory and techneque at some point... Most likely becous they will eventually land themselfs in a setting where they will play with other (trained)musicians that only speaks music theory and they start to feel stupid.

I think it's kind of funny... If someone just want to fool around with the instrument and doesn't want a carreer or doesn't have real ambitions to get better, I'd say it's ok to be in the dark. But, on several occations I get these little questions from friends of mine that has gone to a gig thinking they knew all the songs until, "Oooops, what does he mean he wants it in G?" or "Crap... Notes!!!! Hmm.. can someone translate this to tablature 'til we get on stage in 15 minutes for me?" and so on, you get my point :) Then they get the urge to learn the theory, so they won't look like dopes the next time.

So, anyway, this was a sidestep.

My point was, Jaco is as everyone else say, in another ballpark then everyone for more reason than being extremely good.

Flea gets more listeners becous, let's face it, california surfing music is more popular then jazz at the moment... it's just a fact of life. It's like pop is played more then rock at the moment, though we all know the reality... pop sucks, and rock...well, rocks ;)

The numbers of listeners have nothing to do with the quality of a certain player. I know of a local guy here that has gone nowhere, never made an album, only plays local gigs (he has gotten offers of bigger things, but he doesn't want to go "to the show") He can outplay most of the bass idols of today. He got maybe an audience of 40-50 people who know who he is, but he's still better then most.

And a final thing...
If you like to listen to Flea, listen to Flea, if you like Jaco, listen to him. Who's better then the other is not really a thing of debate anyway. And scince you touched on the artistic side, I would dare to say that artisticly, almost everyone is the best player in the world to someone. Artistry can only be judged by the beholder. As an example, you might adore miss Spears, whereas I think that the whole pop thing is holllowing out the soul of music. Almost no music I hear on the radio is original these days, it's either a cover of an old song, or written by someone with actual talent but was unfurtunally deemed to ugly to fit on a billboard by the music corporations, and probably makes his or her living wrighting songs and show up for recordings to play becous the one up on the billboard really can't play shit. Who's right? None of us, and both of us at the same time. It depends on your opinion and respective viewpoint on the tune at hand.

Really philosophical question, wouldn't you say? ;)


: : : Flea is a great bass player, but he's not even close to Jaco! And I'm pretty sure he would tell you the same thing.

: : I couldn't agree more. I think most bass players would agree that they are not even close to Jaco. At least not as far vision and redefinition of what can be done with a bass guitar. Flea and some other more rock and funk oriented players are good role models and they serve the instrument well in making people interested in actually playing the instrument.

: : Peace

: : Basscat

: Cheers for the enlightenment guys/gals

: I understand Flea is a very different type of player,
: I was thinking along the idealistic/theoretical line. Jaco learned music and knew what he was doing and therefore why he did it. Flea is seemingly oblivious to the reasons behind what he does. Again, i'm new to this whole thing but wouldn't you say that people that have heard both bass players, especially the young types, tend to be drawn to Flea, not least cause of his facial expressions, but cause he's a good role model (thanks Basscat)and that's what the world needs, that's what bass players need.
: I'm in no way Bias so please don't think i'm on a crusade! Would any of you say Jaco is a Bass Player for musicians and Flea is a Bass Player for the public????? it's a kind of whole positive/negative thing. Is anyone getting this? Please let me know what you think!

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