Re: Jaco and Flea, What do you think?

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Posted by The Virign Tooth on January 08, 2001 at 08:56:31:

In Reply to: Re: Jaco and Flea, What do you think? posted by Basscat on January 07, 2001 at 17:11:32:

: :Would any of you say Jaco is a Bass Player for musicians and Flea is a Bass :Player for the public????? it's a kind of whole positive/negative thing.

: In addition to playing in very different styles, Jaco was THE big innovator on bass when he came upp in the 70's. He then showed the public what could be done on a bass guitar and was role model for a generation of player that came up in the decades after him. Like Marcus Miller, Victor Bailey, Gary Willis, Alain Caron and others of today's top jazz players. I think today Jaco is probably best known in the bass and in the jazz communities wheras people like Flea has a much broader audience thanks to the genre they're in. Btw, I think Jaco was largely self taught.

: Peace

: Basscat

OK guys, Thanks Brak/Basscat

I do totally see your point of view and as these days roll on i realise i'm still reasonable un-learned when it comes to the who's who. I've known about Flea for ages and Jaco too and i think they're both amazing, you can't not!

I was just figuring on the Popularity stakes and the types of audiences. I speak to people into Flea /Norwood/ Muzz etc. and as music people they're not the most learned, Me!, and i talk to people who say Jaco/Wooten and the like and they seem really learned. Is this a devide?

Do you think the type of School (jazz/californian as it were) you come from has the same effect, or as much effect as the type of coverage you get in relation to what you do for the progress of the Bass Guitar?

Jaco made bass huge right but ithink Flea and Co have made it more accessable,
Do you think it's good that's not so exclusive?

Now i'm from Scotland and wasn't old enough to be into Jaco when he was about, I am now!, Neither do i surf (it's well cold) but i grew up with Flea and Muzz Skillings (sign 'o' the times!)

I do feel like these guys make people want to play bass in the more common world. It's not so exclusive with them.

If you're still into it let me kow what you think.

Thanks again


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