Re: Jaco and Flea, What do you think?

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Posted by Thrush on January 09, 2001 at 14:37:23:

In Reply to: Jaco and Flea, What do you think? posted by The Virign Tooth on January 05, 2001 at 15:12:24:

: Jaco or Flea? from the idealistic and just sheer genius point of view.

Ah... that's like saying chocolate or vanilla! both have their time and place, but they're completely different.

flea is a funk monster. he has a great deal of feeling combined with technical ability. he's also a great showman and obviously loves to play; however, i don't think he really has an understanding of what he's doing so much as knowing that it works.

now jaco... his father knew music and encouraged him to know what he was doing. jaco also knew how to read music as a language rather than a reference. he also played drums and piano, at one time considering drums his main instrument. one of the biggest things to consider about him is that he didn't consider the bass line when playing so much as the song, specifically the melody. he believed in learning the melody and song rather than just the bass line... you'd be a better player and know you're place in the song.

everyone else has made some very valid points, so i don't want to really reiterate too much. i do feel that both have had a rash of people who are devout followers for various reasons... what bugs me personally is that these guys are treated as gods rather than just guys who liked to play. there are a ton of other players who've done things quite differently to equal or greater effect... and there are players who've played with far fewer notes who still have a strong grasp of their place and ability. tony levin doesn't blaze, but i don't think anyone will say he's not among the greats. james jamerson doesn't get anywhere near the credit he deserves, but he played smoother than most any other bass player alive. kira roessler isn't even known outside punk circles, but she could blaze through patterns that would make most players faint.

do i have a point? i guess it's just that there's more to bass than just jaco and flea. especially on the speed front. eric avery didn't play a damn complicated thing in jane's addiction, but try and tell me those lines didn't work perfectly...

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