Re: Are all lead guitarists a**holes? The one I play with is!

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Posted by Harry Brooks on February 01, 2002 at 14:31:45:

In Reply to: Are all lead guitarists a**holes? The one I play with is! posted by A on January 27, 2002 at 12:08:25:

: Good and bad news all rolled into one

: I play in a band with two guitarists (the lead guitarist sings, and is a real asshole) and recently i've been getting tired of it. So, i'm leaving the band

: "Why are you getting tired of it?" I hear you say. Because i'm tired of playing stuff that Richard (lead guitarist) wants to play. If he doesn't like it then we can't play it, and since our music tastes clash, i'm getting bored. Any ideas I have are instanly dismissed and Matthew (rhythm guitar) rarely makes a suggestion, so we always end up playing Richard's songs. The problem is that if you like indie / rock then that's great, but if you like something with a cool rhythm, something uplifting, something that makes you want to dance to, then your out of luck. Musically Richard is very close minded, and any attempts to tell him get a smart arse reply.

To ask if all lead guitarists are "arschlochen" is to ask whether all
lead vocalist, drummers, bassists, keyboardists, back-up singers,
and sound techs are also. We musicians have to be on guard to avoid
developing that big swolen zit that appears betwixt our shoulders-
the infamous MUSICIAN'S HEAD. Yeah, man! Musicians do have a proclivity
for that "I'm great" swagger even if they AREN'T exactly great.
I've been in a few bands over 20 years; and I can't say I got along with
everyone. There was the keyboardist who felt that, just becuse he went to
college, he knew more about music that the rest of us. Then there was the
guitarist who worshipped Eddie Van Halen so much that he thought an
"Eddie lick" was appropriate in every song we did. When I used to work for
a concert promoting company, I got to meet some well-known and extremely
talented musicians. Of course, some had the "head" but many did not.
The guitarist PHIL KEAGGY, for example...Between sets backstage he'd rather
show you pix of his family than talk "guitar talk". But once he's back on that stage, he'll "let loose" in a way to let you know he's paid his dues in
front of the metronome with the music teacher, and now he doesn't have
anything to "prove" other than he can be creative. Good musical partners
are hard to find. The best ones thrive on sharing creativity rather than
competing musically. When you're out "giggin'" somewhere for money, you
learn very quickly that you're gonna hafta play a lotta stuff you don't like.
Hey, I'm 45, and I remember the "disco era" in my 20s! Sure, that stuff
got hard to swallow very quickly; but sooner or later I was gonna hafta
play some of it and act as though it wasn't gonna kill me! Today it's not
disco but a mixed bag known loosely as "alternative". I think creativity
may have more a a chance than it did in 1977. Find a band willing to form
a musical agenda, and practice with a specific goal in mind. Discuss
arrangements with fellow members and be open to other ways of doing it.
Play it several ways, and see which one suits your style best. But best of
all, enjoy your music! Real "arschlochen" can't take your skills and
dreams away from you!

: Put simply, I play bass for me. I'm not going to be his little bass playing monkey. If I don't like any of the music then i'm not going to play it. I'd be happy to meet halfway and compromise, but he'll never play anything he doesn't like, so i've had enough.

: I don't like leaving Matthew (a friend) in the band without a bassist, but Richard can kiss my arse. If he thinks that he can tell everyone to play his songs without playing anything that the others like, then he's seriously mistaken.

: From now on they'll have to play with David Forde (the second bassist that we kicked out ages ago for being crap, he's not gotten much better I don't think).

: Anyway, I'm going to ask Garath Jones (he's in my form and has started to play guitar) if he wants to jam with me, then find a singer, who knows? Maybe Matthew will join us, I don't know. But I do know that i'd rather be in a rubbish band playing songs I love, then play in a good band playing music I can't stand.

: On the lighter side, at the weekend I saw bass beauty.
: A 1978 fender fretless p-bass in mint condition. It was unplayed, there was not a single mark on the fretboard. It had been under somebodys bed for over twenty years! Steve (the guy who works there) said that he'd e-mail Sting. I scoffed, but then again he may have been serious. That bass was priceless.

: I'd do anything to get my hands on that bass, so Sting better watch his back !
: Maybe he picked up a few jungle tricks while he was saving the rainforests, but i'll have a big gun!

: I've been typing for a while so i'll stop.
: Adam

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