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Posted by the_grouse_mouse on February 11, 2002 at 21:57:19:

Hi there, looking for a good bin (and advice) for my SWR workingman 4004 (400W at 4ohm). After rel. small bins - say one or two 12", 2*10", 1*15" etc.
Was thinking it was better to get a great 4 ohm bin, rather than 2 reasonable 8ohm bins - mainly due to price (I live in Australia and prices are 3*US). Do you think I'm on the right track?

Read reviews about Epifani 1*12" (8ohm) and 2*12" (4ohm) with horn, and they sound very good. Don't have the power to get Acme, but they too sound great.
Have tried many SWR, Trace Elliot, Ampeg bins, and though I liked their sound, all reviews I've read on the net say Epifani blow them away.

Anyone have these or similar cabs? Would a 400W amp be enough to power these 2*12"? What do you use and are you satisfied? Epifani recommend 300-800W for 2*12", so I'm probably more suited to the 1*12" (200-600W), but this is only an 8ohm cab, so I won't be getting max. output from my amp. I play all styles of music, so want a bin that is versatile. Does anyone know if Epifani cab's have horn attenuator on back?

If I was to get 4*10" with horn (8ohm), some cabs have "big" and bassy sound, but once again, I'm worried about not fully utilising my amp's output and therefore having to get a 15" as well. Reasonable quad box (Ampeg, SWR, Trace, GK) in Oz costs about $2300!! Too expensive to get 2 bins.

would really appreciate everyone's advice.

b.t.w. - good bass gear review site:

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