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Posted by Kev too... on February 20, 2002 at 11:21:19:

In Reply to: The Verdict-*Great Deal*-Nikki Sixx Blackbird posted by Kev on January 26, 2002 at 13:56:15:


I also took advantage of the Musicians Friend Gibson Blackbird. While I agree that
for the "retail" value this is not really a bargain, but for $718.00 (with shipping)
it is "a good piece of wood". As far as the finish goes, my biggest complaint is that
started off smooth and after playing for a bit it seemed to get "gummy". I took out the
handy polish rag and some guitar polish and cleaned it up. It was finme for a bit and then
seemed to get the same sort of sticky feeling. I washed my hands to make sure I
didn't have any thing on them from work or what not, cleaned the neck again and it seems
to be ok now. Could this be a thin layer of the clear coat that has not cured properly
or residue from the factory....I'm not sure, but keeping and eye on it.

Second...the union of body and neck....let's just say, it's not seemless. With the
thiness of the paint you can see the outline of the joints. Of course, you have to be
in good lighting and really "scrutinizing" see what I'm talking about....
but for 15-2100.00 they were charging initially ...i would have absolutely lost my mind.
At the 700.00 range it made just say...hmmmmmm?

As for the sound...fantastic! It has the tell-tale classic Gibson bass sound.
The fact it has no vol/tone controls made me a bit nervous at first, but once plugged in and
with some minor adjustments to my head, I found "my sound" perfectly. The gibson soap
bar pick-ups are some of the hottest passive pick-ups I've ever played.
The "Goth" black look with the Iron Cross inlays gives it an awesome look and
gives it a great stage presence.

In comparison to my 2 other basses, A BC Rich Warlock(neckthru) NJ series and
a Carvin Custom shop 4 string (both are active pick ups) I won't say it better, but
it definatly gives me a different sound i was looking for that I could not produce
with the BC Rich or the Carvin. On a scale of 1 to 10....I give it a solid 8.5

Other than the finish flaws, this is a great bass....and at the price that I (and the
other Kev) got it for, I would highly recommend.

Oh...and thanks....I was following your advice (secretly) the entire thread.
You really helped me out, cuz I really wanted to purchase one but could not
find one in a local shop to hear and feel what it was like.

Oh...and P.S. If you look on Musicians Friend website....the Blackbird has been
discontinued....What are your this a good or bad thing?

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