Re: string advice for an old EB-0?

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Posted by Håkan Johansson on August 01, 2002 at 02:48:37:

In Reply to: Re: string advice for an old EB-0? posted by Bob 'Skippy' Blechinger on October 29, 2000 at 08:21:16:

: : I have been a guitar player for a few years. I just got a bass to record with, it's a '68 gibson EB-0, but I think it still has the original strings on it!!

: : I don't know much about bass strings, but this bass sounds a bit muddy with the tone control anywhere but on "10". what would you guys suggest? roundwounds? I know flatwounds supposedly sound duller.....

: : FWIW, I'm using a '70's tube SVT head w/Traynor 4x10 cab, has 4x150 watt emminence speakers in it. top-of-my-head favourite bass sounds are bob marley, led zeppelin, police, pink floyd, meters, yes.

: : thx in advance for any help!!

: Crazy Guy,
: There are 2 basic problems with an EB-0: 1) Short scale, and; 2) Bassy pickup.

: The basic limitation of a short-scale bass is that you don't get the fullness of tone that you do with a regular 34" scale; not that you can't get a decent tone out of a short-scale bass (I had one that sounded great), just that there are limitations to the tone.

: The pickup is what *really* limits the EB-0's tone, though; it's one of the deepest, bassiest pickups ever, and it tends to lack much in the way of high-end response.

: First thing I'd do would be to take the strings off and boil them for about half an hour; it's not magic, but the first time I did it, the difference was *amazing*!

: Next, try a set of roundwound or half-round strings; I tried an EB-0 the other day that had a set of roundwounds on it, and it sounded *much* better than I remember *any* EB-0 sounding with flatwounds.

: After that, you might want to get an EQ pedal; keep the lows where they are, then boost the mids and highs, and that should help quite a bit.

: Hope that helps!

: -Bob

: Håkan.
I have an eb-0 -71
Many years ago i replaced the pickup with a Di marzio humbucker designed
for eb-0.
This improved the sound quite.
Roundwound strings is the only suitable choice.
I plug it into a trace elliot 1x15 combo with 7step eq and i also use
a compressor to get the output from low to high tunes at equal output.
this gives much more freedom to adjust the equalizer to desired sound
rather than adjusting for an equal output.
I think it really sounds great!

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