Re: Acme Bass Cabinets-Anybody tried them?

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Posted by Jim on May 26, 2002 at 10:32:48:

In Reply to: Acme Bass Cabinets-Anybody tried them? posted by Arnold S. Gottlieb on December 16, 2001 at 01:12:16:

: I'd love to hear if anybody has had good or bad experiences with these cabinets, and what amp you have used to power them? Thanks

I see this is quite an old group of postings but may I please take the opportunity to report on my experience with Acme.

First of all, as for the guy at Acme, I think his name is Andy, and yes he is paranoid about someone reverse engineering his product. He's still a nice guy though. I blew a speaker and the only way he'll send you a new one is if you send the old one back. It's only $50 which includes shipping but you have to pay the shipping on the one you send back which he just tosses in the dumpster since a new one is cheaper than reconing. He uses an Eminence speaker with a proprietary cone made to his specs. When asked, he won't sell you an emergency spare to have around and that's where his paranoia kicks in. But so what, so he's a little ecentric, most artists/geniuses are. He really does make the ultamate bass cabinets.

Here's my experience. I purchased a used B-4 in 1999 after playing through just about everything else over the past 20 plus years of moderate to heavy bass playing. I knew this was it from the first note I hit. It had the sound I'd always been searching for and I could feel it in my body in a really nice way. When you know you just know with a peice of equipment and that's the feeling you get right away with the B-4.

My main basses are two Dingwall 5-strings. I used to play through an Ampeg SVT-4Pro. Then as the venues grew, I added an Acme Low B-2 (the one with just 2x10's and no tweets) making my stack 6x10's altogether. I rewired the two speakers in the 2x10 in series (making a 16 ohm load) and then placed them in parallel across the other 4x10's. I did this by installing a jack up inside the cup handle of the B-4 (totally stealth). This made an even load on each of the 10's and a 6 ohm load for my amp. This slightly customized arrangement by the way sounds better than I can put into words and can handle a lot of power. My Ampeg SVT-4Pro which already ran hot, ran even hotter with the slight impedence drop so I sold it before it tossed it's cookies (again). I upgraded to a Demeter class A tube bass preamp, the 201s (yes it's as good as you read about, maybe even better) into a QSC PLX 2402 power amp bridged mono making available about 2000 watts!! I actually have to keep the amp attenuated (about 2 o'clock) as this is too much power. This is a lot of juice, but hey, you never know. Headroom is where it's at. Actually I play very loud on stage and keep these speakers working hard, night after night of hard rock, and they've never let me down. The blown speaker I mentioned above was not actually "blown" but rather a small tear in the surround which created a buzz at certain frequencies. My point is that the voice coils on these speakers have never quit and can handle amazing amounts of power.

The only other bass cabinet in this quality level that I've played through is Euphonic Audio which are MUCH more exspensive. Actually there are one or two others I hear are in this esoteric level as well but again, way way way more expensive.

If you're thinking of buying one of these, just do it. You'll never look back.

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