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Posted by Fred on September 04, 2002 at 19:40:34:

Hello players:

does anybody here remember those "Lexan" or "Plexiglass" covers for the back of
Fender Strats, Jaguars, and Jazzmasters that Fender Musical Instruments used to
offer around 1965 ? (I don't think they ever made one for Telecaster).

1) they were clear/transparent plastic "forms" shaped like the guitar itself,
almost like a "mold" for the body, and they would be mounted from the rear of
the body to protect the guitar from belt buckle wear and scratches on the back
and sides of the body.

2) better yet: does anyone know in which year Fender Catalog they are shown ?
(that's what I'm after).

I tried asking The Fender Store, (, which sells Fender catalog
reprints, and their reply was: "The Nature of Your Inquiry is Beyond The Scope
of Our Knowledge Base Here at The Fender Store".

(no kidding, I suppose whoever replied has a thick English accent and a
Stiff Upper Lip and didn't feel it is his/her job to go look in one of their
catalog reproductions! hahaaaahaa!!!)

if anyone knows about this 1960's Fender Accesory, it will be the guitar Players,
because Fender employees sure don't wanna bother !

thanks for any help people! I'll come back to see if anyone posted a reply.

Your Royal Highness, Almighty King Magnus Rex of Stratomundo and Telemundo,

~Fred-o-sound the 19th, Co. Inc., Ltd., SA., LLC, Corp.~

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