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Posted by Steve on May 10, 2002 at 14:36:19:

In Reply to: Re: Sorry fellas, but I think you missed the point... posted by A. Harty on July 06, 2000 at 15:40:30:

: :I play in a band in the UK with horace & think
: that he'll have a right laugh when I tell him about this. I'm a bass player as well as a drummer(yes they exist)& think (probably the same as horace)that you guys should lighten up a bit about a piece of plastic!!!!!!!in horaces defence,he was voted one of the top bass players ever in bass player magazine,and you should check our album out (

: : : : :

: : :

: : : i will have to disagree w/ both of you. i believe Sir Horace Panter said it best, "picks are for guitar players or your nose." if you want to have a more "cutting" sound, try boosting the treble and attacking the strings near the bridge. the range of different sounds one can get w/ different right hand techniques is almost limitless.

: : : testify,

: : : the Preacher

: : Hi there people,

: : Sorry Preacher and "Vib", but I think what A.J. asks is wether it's "better to play bass with fingers or with a pick". I read this question as asking if one of these techniques is more "correct" or "right" or "more bass-appropriate" than the other. That is what both me and Pat H. answered. A.J. wasn't asking for suggestions about how to achieve tonal variation with using one technique only. Regarding the Horace Panter quote, yes, it's sure cute and amusing, but in the end is nothing but silly snobbery (no wonder why Mr. Panter is no authority in the bass world). To hear a master player taking advantage of both pick AND fingerstyle playing, listen to any recording by Anthony Jackson (the work he did with pianist Michel Camilo is especially stunning).

: : By the way, while it's true you can achieve many tonal variables by changing your right hand position around, there are timbral qualitys inherent to plectrum playing that are nearly impossible to achieve with fingers.

: : Buena suerte and keep those basses up front in the mix,

: : El Pájaro.

: :If You are really botherd that much about sound qualiy with a bass i wouldnt myself use a pick there clumsy slow and make a knarly sound but variations on bass are limitless by using slap pop and pluck in different ways and hiting the strings in different places the sound variations can change any way you want them too with enough practise.

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