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Re: Best Pickup Around? (2)

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Posted by aaron on February 04, 2001 at 08:57:19:

In Reply to: Best Pickup Around? (2) posted by MattRao on February 01, 2001 at 22:22:21:

: Hey Everybody,

: I posted a message about this right before the board was cleared, so here it is again... If anyone entered anything before, I would really appreciate it if you could re-post your response. Thanks!

: I'm looking to get two pickups for an upright for myself and one for my school. The cheesy five-dollar one that I use in school makes my bass sound like an electrified milk jug. Could someone please tell me what they think is the best pickup around (not caring TOO much about price, as long as a student musician could afford it), and one very good one that a school could afford (under $50, probably).

: Also...what effect can the amp have on the sound? I and my school both have GK's...we've tried to adjust them to make the pickup sound better, but there hasn't been much improvement.

: Thanks again for your help,

: MattRao

The Realist is the best pick-up I've ever used to date & I've quite a variety along with mics & mixed combo's. The logic of bridge & table top feeding the peizo's made sense to a lot hi-end players. However,being a low-end guy,I too can affirm, it does leave those nasty imprints. I play a plywood & am willing to accept this for the return fundamentals that I haven't been able to achieve with anything else.

So, IMHOP (h=humble)I recommend you re-read CV's post. It's a fact & I did know from solid opinion that it could mar the top. I was willing and still am, to deal with the furniture scar. I love it, but agree, I wouldn't run out and slap it on a Lexus type carved woody. Now that's a shame to say that for such a great sounding pickup. Your concern is warranted CV. I've got to simply stop thinking plywood, it laminates my thinking at times. Could the Realist be fitted to the bridge foot, with detents, creating an improved flushness. What other pick-ups do you all think are just a good at getting the natural tone of the using bass, without simply "playing a pickup" on something resembling an upright.

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