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Re: Left hand thumb locked and does Bass kill fingers for other instruments

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Posted by Charlie on February 16, 2001 at 00:22:02:

In Reply to: Left hand thumb locked and does Bass kill fingers for other instruments posted by Tom Skjei on February 15, 2001 at 21:22:36:

: Hi- I just recently started learning 2xbass, but its killin my left hand! I feel like I can only get a solid hold of the strings when I lock my thumb behind the neck, so its not bending at all- especially in half position.
: I've also noticed some wierd cramping near the top joints in my second and third finger.

: anybody have any suggestions?

: also, do you think once my hands adjust to 2xbass I wont be able to play guitar with the same dexterity?

: Thanks, go team!

: Tom

Upright bass can seem almost impossible to play at first when you're first learning, especially if you're coming from another instrument. It requires more strength, and proper technique. If you've played electric bass, the first thing you'll have to retrain is your left thumb. When playing electric, the thumb is usually behind the first finger, while on upright, it should be behind the second finger. This can feel very awkward at first, but will feel more natural with practice. It's also important to practice for short periods of time at first to prevent injury. You may be overdoing it, which would result in little aches and pains in joints, tendons and such. I play electric, upright, and guitar, all professionally and haven't found that playing upright interferes with my guitar playing. I've known other players who play all three and have no problem with it. It's not unlike owning a large pickup and a Volkswagon and driving both frequently. You'll get used to the difference between them and adjust automatically and effortlessly after enough time. Patience and persistence are the key.

Good luck,


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