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Re: My case for laminated basses

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Posted by Ed on March 20, 2001 at 10:47:57:

In Reply to: My case for laminated basses posted by spong on February 20, 2001 at 14:38:11:

Gotta disagree, Tim. Feedback is produced by the instrument picking up and reamplifying its amplified sound, gonna happen with a plywood just as much as with a carved top. The thing that helps cut back on feedback is being able to get a bigger acoustic sound and not playing with the amp so damn loud.
On the quality/playability issue, that's a tough call on really cheap basses. But if you are talking about spending $3500 on a pre war Kay or on a mid 20th century German factory carved top, it all kinda depends on the bass. I've heard some that sound terrible and some that sound great on both sides of the fence. If you have a specific sound you are looking for in your ears, then use that to go by, not some arbitrary standard ply vs carved.
As far as being able to stand "adverse conditions" better, I think you're gonna have a tough time convincing somebody with an late 18th century Klotz that their bass is "less durable" than a plywood bass...
As you say, you don't have a lot of experience playing double bass. Well I do. If you are playing jazz or classical music (or acoustic music) then reproducing the actual sound of your bass is imminently doable (any number of great bassists do it all the time). If you are playing music that is highly amplified, yes it won't then matter if you are amplifying a Testore or a log with strings attached. All the sound is coming out of the amp. BUT (and I say this from bitter personal experience) a lot of new players have not developed a good physical approach to the instrument and are not getting a good acoustic sound out of it. Instead they rely on the amp producing the sound.
So, to them, they can't really HEAR the difference. But that doesn't mean it's not there....

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