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Re: Part-ially confused

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Posted by Bob Gollihur on May 06, 2001 at 17:31:43:

In Reply to: Part-ially confused posted by Francis X. on May 06, 2001 at 17:13:18:

: Dear bassguys:

: About my oddball doublebass,I failed to mention in my last message about string selection,that the stings really slap against the fingerboard when I pizz hard,which is most of time. Besides strings with more tension,I want to replace the nut;mine has had the grooves cut way too deep. Is it possible to buy a nut from Englehardt,file new grooves,and glue it on myself?

Nuts are readily available, but you may also consider removing yours and inserting a thin piece of hardwood to raise its height. Remember, it only affects string height on open notes, too. If your strings hit the fingerboard, that may be from two factors: the fingerboard may not have sufficient relief (a dip carved/sanded into the fingerboard) or the bridge is too low. You may need to replace the bridge (I have adjustable bridges available) or have the fingerboard fixed.

:Also,the tailpiece is connected to the endpin with a length of bailing wire-would a wire hanger from Englehardt work? What role does the tailpiece play in terms of sound and action? Perhaps I could replace it.

Actually, players are moving from solid wire hangers, which are the norm, to stranded cables. They allow more movement and freer vibrations of the tailpiece and bass, and also are less of a hazard if they begin to give way -- a solid wire will snap, while a stranded cable would begin with some strands but not give way immediately, without warning, like a solid cable.

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