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Re: A shell of its former self

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Posted by Martin Sheridan on June 02, 2001 at 14:32:46:

In Reply to: Re: A shell of its former self posted by Francis X. on May 21, 2001 at 22:06:23:

: : : : Yo,BassBoyz:

: : : : I took my 5/8 size bass to my teacher last night,and he pointed out that the top is not well reinforced around the bridge area. He doubted that the bass could handle the stress of a medium guage set of strings(I have order Pirastro Obbligato from Lemur,but have not received them yet-I will call them to stop shippment). Can anyone recommend a light set of strings that are good for pizz and arco. At this point,I am not concerned about loudness,projection,etc-I am consigning this bass to practice only.

: : : : Francis X.

: : : Before you shell out your hard earned bucks on a set of Corelli's I'd check out the write up on them in this month's Double Bassist magazine if I were you.

: : : Andy.

: Dear Andy and Bob:You have both been very helpful to me and value all of your opinions.
: I think that any reasonable person will agree that opinions concerning strings are highly subjective. There are too many variables-the instrument,the player,the music, rely on magazine reviews. For example-most players say that Supernil strings are horrible,yet there are good players who use them and get good results. I also play jazz guitar;when I got my Vantage 335 style electric(similar to an Epiphone Dot),I strung it with sets that my favorite jazz players use-it sounded so dead,that I didnt play it much,and contemplated trading it in for a more expensive model. I replaced the medium flatwound jazz strings with light rock roundwounds,then lightened up on my touch(not easy;I've got the hands of a steamfitter(14 ring size)and soon got the smooth,full Chuck Wayne type of sound I was after. I'll go with the Corellis(which a lot of people seem to like)and see what happens. Maybe the magazine writer has very specific requirements;I'm a rank amateur who still has a lot of woodshedding to do!
: Respectfully yours,
: Francis X.

: : Haven't received my issue of Double Bassist Magazine yet, will read with interest - keep in mind I recommended the 370 tungsten series, not the 380 which are quite ordinary. As I mentioned in my reply, not everyone will like them - but I do as do many others.

: : Besides, how can you rely on Double Bassist Magazine?? -- they had nice things to say about ME a couple issues ago!! ;-

..As a maker/repairer I'm wondering why he doesn't think your bass is strong enough in this area? Sometimes teachers think this the case and it's not. Without seeing your bass, I can't say for sure. But often basses have had past problems that have been taken care of, or current ones which can be easily fixed. Sometimes the f-holes twist a little from changes in the weather and it makes it look like the top has sunk in when it hasn't, or a soundpost was too short and that pushed the top down on that side, or the bass bar at one time let go and has been repaired, but they didn't go through the trouble of resetting the arching. Show it to somebody who works on basses as their daily bread and butter.

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