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Re: A shell of its former self

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Posted by chris on June 09, 2001 at 12:37:55:

In Reply to: Re: A shell of its former self posted by Andy Seed on June 08, 2001 at 22:59:38:

: : :
: : I categorically deny that I am not now nor have ever been married to Kay Corelli.
: : And yeah, I use'm and like'm. As far as the Kay thang, you didn't use the word "dumping", but you DID say "If they're so good why does everyone seem to want to sell them - just a thought !"
: : That's not an implication? OK if you say so, but if it smells like a wet dog....

: : FYI, most of the Kays on the market are from about the same vintage as your German bass. And, being a factory produced bass, sound quality runs the gamut from OK to really great. My teacher's "vacation house" bass is a beautiful sounding late 40s Kay that he had a new bridge and nice ebony board put on.
: : A 1958 Kay was my first upright. I played that through college and for my first couple of years here in NYC. I currently play a Mittenwald factory bass from the mid 20s (spruce top and a nicely flamed maple back) strung with CORELLIS, BY GOD.
: : Pretty much all jazz stuff, some free bag. the bass has a voice that projects really well (there's a lot of gigs that I play with no amp), I 'm generally happy with the amplified sound and it records wonderfully.
: : I don't know Michael Glas, but if you get a chance, check out this cat Paul Bryant. He lives somewhere on the southeast coast of Britland (he has a website) and makes copies of Panormo, Gabrielli and Lott basses.
: Smells like a wet dog ? - you have got to be about the most suspicious minded person I have ever "met" ! You have decided that I meant that everyone was dumping Kays and as far as you're concerned that means you're right ! ---------- WRONG !!!!!!!!! All I did was ask a simple question and you are acting like I just raped your sister , do me a favour - GROW UP. By the way Michael Glas makes basses in Adorf , Saxony (East Germany to you and me ) . Do you know Paul Bryant's website address , you say he is on our southeast coast - so am I , so if he's near enough I'll go check out his stuff. Last and definitely not least you refer to my country as Britland - do I refer to your country as Yankland ?, the answer is no ! In future can you remember that my country is called ENGLAND and I'm proud to be English ! After all a fair majority of the people over there are in some way (however distant) descended from the English , Irish ,Welsh etc.
: Remember next time you want to be condescending to an ENGLISHMAN that we colonised your country - you didn't colonise ours ! America is a great country and has produced some of the best music known to man , but if not for us the Spanish would of colonised it all (read your history) and you would now be speaking Spanish as a first language . Yeah, you won the batte of independance and I'm pleased for you (225 years later) and I have a lot of American friends but DON'T INSULT MY COUNTRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
: Andy.

hi andy and ed
hi andy are you the bassist who stands next to me on stage?
ed he is a bassist you wont win the debate, the best you can hope for is an honourable draw. I've known Andy for over 20 years and i aint won a debate yet

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