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Re: Gut String for Jazz & some other questions

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Posted by Tim on June 21, 2001 at 10:19:39:

In Reply to: Gut String for Jazz & some other questions posted by Kim on June 20, 2001 at 14:17:34:

: First, Would you recommend some plain gut string set for jazz sound? and where can I buy it?

: Second, Where can I buy mooradian delux padded cover 4/4 or 7/8 size for cheap price?

: I'd appreciate if you reply me about this,thanks

The day you picked up the upright, you picked up a monster. Tone can not be desribed in words and good tone varies from person to person. The bass itself is an individual and has many many variations you can make to change its tone slightly. The quest for the right strings for your bass is a booger. There are many steel strings out there that all sound different from one another. It can be very expensive to try them all but one will never be satisfied until one does. Gut strings on the other hand, seem to have similar tone no matter what the brand. (not to say that they all sound exactly the same, same quality, etc) So in practical speaking gut is gut and to me, gut is good. My current setup on an old Juzek for arco, pizz, and rockabilly slap, (a nightmare of a string challenge) consists of 3 brands of strings. I love the Helicore pizz E for any style of music, A = Corelli, D= gotz gut, G = Corelli or gotz gut. This brings up another something to think about gut strings. I would not recommend plain gut on the E and A string. I just purchased a plain A from Lemur's and this thing is about the diameter of a pencil!!! Much too large for my string height setup!! I have never even seen a plain E. Although the steel wound gut is more steel string like in diameter, I have never been happy with the tone of the E or A.
So the moral of this story is good luck and hope you have a good job so that you can purchase many sets of strings on impulse... on the brighter side, you probably have a set of steel that you like. Keep your E and A and go for the D and G in plain gut. You can get the same ones that I play at Lemur's Music for under $100 for the two. (If I recall right) I think that you will like them. The most important thing about gut strings is to give them a chance to settle. Most people put them on one day and decide they don't like them right away. It will take a gut string to up to a week to stretch and settle into your bass. Another thing is that they sound and feel so different than steel that people tend to think yuck the first time they hear them and take them off right away. People also think that they are not as loud as steel. I am a true believer that this is a misconception of the frequency spectrum. A steel has more high mid to high frequency. This characteristic makes them seem more loud. These frequencies, however, get lost in the mix of a band very quickly. A gut tends to produce in the low mid and boost in the lower frequency. This characteristic really pushes the sound out of the box and into the room and seems fit into the mix of a band better.
I could go on but I will end here. Check out any of SCOTT LAFARO's work. He was able to get the most beautiful tone out of a bass...all gut.
Check out EBay for your bag.
Good luck

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