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Re: Mic blended at higher volumes?

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Posted by Russ on July 23, 2001 at 01:39:50:

In Reply to: Mic blended at higher volumes? posted by Bob on July 22, 2001 at 11:28:59:

>>In my experience I have never been able to coax much volume from a microphone through a bass amp without getting feedback. <<

Maybe you haven't found the right mic. Guys like Chris McBride fill a room up with just a mic (or with nothing). I've used several different kinds since the early 80's, like the EV PL20 (or RE20) that Christian uses. I've also got a Sure SM 98 clip on mic. I haven't tried the Golden Trinity (see ) but some guys seem to like it.

There's no comparison between a mic and a PU. It's the difference between a vocalist sticking a mic in front of their mouth or taping one to the bottom of their throat. Which would you prefer to hear?

Sometimes we get hung up on wanting to be clearly heard. The trend has been to drop the action, which sacrifices being able to dig in, and to develop sophisticated PU's which make the bass clearly audible, but they sacrifices the nice warm, punchy, acoustic sound from the f holes of the instrument, the sound I fell in love with on all the old 50's & 60s records with PC, Ray, Ron etc. I would rather play with (or go and hear) a nice warm bottom end with some kick under the band than try to compete with 3 horns and a loud drummer with a PU cranked up, which will just bring the volume of the band up even more. If the band gets louder, I continue to dig in but turn down the amp. If they're paying attention to the music, they'll come back down too. If they don't, I'll avoid playing with those guys again!

>>In higher volume settings the sound from the pickup (realist) can get "twangy". What I am looking for is something that will give a more acoustic sound at higher volumes. Is this possible?<<

Using a good mic through the PA is the only way I know of. I've never heard a PU sound good turned up high. And if you're playing jazz, a cranked up PU doesn't swing to my ears.

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