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Re: Mic blended at higher volumes?

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Posted by jack on July 23, 2001 at 06:47:23:

In Reply to: Mic blended at higher volumes? posted by Bob on July 22, 2001 at 11:28:59:

d. I play mostly small to medium sized venues and use an amplifier. I am thinking about a blended system using a mic+pickup. I have never used a blender before but I have experience with both pickups and mics used separately. In my experience I have never been able to coax much volume from a microphone through a bass amp without getting feedback. In quieter situations the difference in sound between a mic and a pickup to my ears is not great enough to warrent the use of a mic. In higher volume settings the sound from the pickup (realist) can get "twangy". What I am looking for is something that will give a more acoustic sound at higher volumes. Is this possible? I dont think I really need it for low volume settings but I am wondering if I will be able to get enough volume from a mic to make a difference at higher volumes. Anyone know 'bout dis?

I also agree with the other follow ups, regarding volume and what the other members of the group are hearing. I was doing a gig the other nite with a drummer and guitarist, and after the first set,I turned down, and the drummer followed suit and the guitarist had no choice,so the lesson proved well. I also have a realist pickup and have been considering a mic to blend. I think another factor is how well the instrument itself projects. My carved bass has a real loud projection on the G string and upper registers, where as my workhorse, a plywood craps out. This is where I would like more volume,therefore I think I am going for the Trinity blending kit.188 dollars is worth the try. As those other follw ups have indicated,there are many variables to take into considerations and it IS AN ONGOING BATTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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