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Re: sad bass situation

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Posted by Katie on October 21, 2001 at 14:02:44:

In Reply to: Re: sad bass situation posted by Jeff Utter on October 21, 2001 at 09:30:48:

: Could you tell me what is different in the setup? i know there's nothing i can chance w/ the soundpost.. but the Bridge/strings, i can probably get my teacher to all me to adjust, if it would make THAT big of a differance
: I need to do something, because i've sort of hit a wall, where i can't get any better, and i think it's mostly because of the instrument. I know that since i got my new electric bass, i've gotten a good deal better on that. However, i havne barley progressed at all on the accoustic in the last year or two.
: Also, There's no way, me, or my parents could afford a decent accoustic bass.... my dad saw a $600 Carlo Robelli bass in a magazine, and he wants me to get that, but i'm sure it's a piece of garbage.

: Thanks again,
: Jeff Utter

Jeff, the difference between a jazz and an orchestral bass is mostly in the strings/bridge. Jazz Strings are brighter and have a longer sustain. Also the bridge is much closer to the fingerboard. My guess is that your playing on cheap school hybrid strings. (Red Label or worse) Also, your bridge is probably to high, and to start with most school intruments are crappy anyhow. There's probably not a lot you can do about the strings. Check to make sure you have all of the right strings though. A "d" tunes to a "g" will play terribly. If this is the case, use a good string off a "dead" bass of the same size. Also, if your bridge is adjustable you could lower it. That's about all you can do. As for cheap basses, don't write them off. Firsat, don't buy if you're not going to play after high school. It'll be a waste of your money. If you are, don't buy anything you personally haven't played. I mean the exact intrument, not another instrument of the same brand. All basses are different. I own 2 basses, an englehardt M1 with a few adjustments(new bridge, new endpin, tail WIRE, helicore jazz strings, and it sounds great! The jazz bassist from Eastman told me he loved its sound. how much did it cost me? $800. (Ok, 1000 after adjustments, but it sounded fine before them)I also play a wilfer from classical that cost 10 times more but wouldn't be anywhere as nice as the englehardt for jazz. Go by your ears, choose something with BIG sound already and it will help in amplification. My Englehardt was an old rental in good condition so I got it cheap, and I'd played it for awhile before I bought it. Perhaps you could work something out with your local rental store? Don't worry about price, I see lots of proffesional bassists playing "cheap" plywood uprights. I'd only consider that stuff if you were going into classical. Also, don't let the salesmen talk you into a higher priced intrument, higher priced does NOT equal higher quality. They ones at my store told me this and when I compared the bass I wanted to the bass they wanted to sell me, mine won hands down. Hope this helps. Happy bass playing!
ps. All-State what? Band? Jazz Band? Orchestra?

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