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Re: 15" speaker

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Posted by andy olsen on November 02, 2001 at 12:06:35:

In Reply to: 15" speaker posted by Richard Threadgill on October 31, 2001 at 09:23:23:

: Hello everyone, and Happy Halloween. Here is my situation. After years of combinations, I found the sound and tone I was looking for with a Mesa M-2000 head and 4x10 SWR's with a horn. I am primarily an electric player at gigs, but work on the upright religously. Part of my problem with gigs is, of course, getting a good amplified tone. I've read more than a few opinions that believed a 4x10 config. was the way to go. The past three venues I have played, however, all had a house 15" which I decided to plug into. The electric sounded great, but the upright was outstanding. I received a compliment from every show for my upright tone, the last coming from my keyboardist, a stickler for good sound. So I've decided I should probably get one. After playing through every speaker I could find two years ago, I found the best sound coming from SWR, Mesa, Eden and Trace Elliot, (Ampeg just didn't do it for me.) Unfortunately, I do not have the time now to visit all the stores with my bass and amp, finding what is best. I need to narrow down, and I was hoping you guys could help. After reading all the specs on the respectivve websites, (it's so nice that we can access that without leaving work/home,) it looks like everything goes as low as 45 or 46hz, except the Trace which drops down to 32. Since my 4x10 are only -3db at 40hz, I'm wondering how much this matters. Otherwise, details are similar and I know the rest will come down to sound. Simply, if anyone has experience or comments, I'd love to hear. The more info I have going in, the better. Thanks a bunch.

: Rick

Hello Rick,I play electric and string bass.My rig has been SWR head with Eden 4-10s. But I always wanted more low end. My amp rig now is an Eden 2-15 cab with an Eden power amp and Kern pre amp. I also have an Eden 1-18.(and still have eden 2-10+4-10). I've read posts on the internet that for string bass amping that 10's are the way to go,but I like the 15's.If you like your mesa rig I would go for the 15 cab they make.If you can also hang on to your 4-10 cab,and use it with the 15 that would be great! I got tired of bringing a 4-10 and a 1-18 cab to the gig.Another thing to think about is what type of pickup you use.If it is feedingback then smaller speakers might help.I have a K+K rockabilly rig from Bob Gollihur,but I also use a magnetic pickup rig.With it the concern over feedback is less,thus bigger speakers+more volume=bar shaking low end! I am a happy camper.I like the bigger speakers,but use your own ears!

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