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Re: sad bass situation

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Posted by Ed on November 15, 2001 at 13:47:34:

In Reply to: Re: sad bass situation posted by Andy Seed on November 14, 2001 at 16:13:47:

Oh, Andy does want to play.

Oh, where to begin.

"mutual fan club" - sure, I've corresponded with Don for some time now, have always found him to be extremely well informed and helpful. He does not suffer fools gladly, however.

"all you two can do is make negative comments and slag me off." - Please feel free to quote the negative comments about you in my post. The only two times I can see that you are referred to at all are
1. So does Andy not want to play anymore
2."before you take Andy's advice and "dismiss" Don's commentary..."
Or is it that you feel that any post that does not automatically agree with you is in some way denigrating you?

"At least I tried to help Jeff out - you two didn't even so much as point out Bob Gollihur's Luthiers List to him and if I were him I would appreciate friendly advice far more than two grown men backbiting another like small children ."

Let's see, there's a lot here. Help Jeff out, well Don did point out that a bridge refit was a little more than just ordering a new one, as someone had suggested. That there were more things to be considered and that it would be better for him to seek professional advice rather than having a go at it himself.
Additionally, after the part of my post that gave Jeff some information about Don so that he himself could assess how much weight to give Don's advice, at least 60% of the post is friendly advice about what else he may want to look at in terms of set up, options to help with set up etc. Did you miss that somehow? Or does it just not fit in with the whole "everybody treats me mean" thing you got going?
As far as "backbiting", well the only two grown men I see doing that (up to this point) are you and Don. So include me out.

"As I said to Don in an e-mail I will only undertake relatively simple jobs as I know what my limits are and I have the advantage of having a luthier as a friend who
gives me advice and help."

So in a private e-mail to an experienced professional musician you will give advice that you withhold from a neophyte player? That it's somehow OK for Jeff to undertake a procedure that you do only after having advice and help from a luthier?
And that what you are mad at Don about is basically saying "It's not a simple thing, you would be better off getting advice and help from a luthier"?

"I would also like to know what divine right actually gives you two the right to carry on like this" - Again I gotta ask, me carry on like what? I listed the reasons I thought Jeff would be well advised to give some credence to Don's advice. I didn't say "Just take his word for it". I didn't even say " Here's why you should take Don's word".
What I said was exactly and precisely "before you take Andy's advice and "dismiss" Don's commentary, you should probably be aware" and left it up to him to sift through everything that was said and form his own opinion.

"But at least I tried to help Jeff - you didn't." If this is merely an oversight, you need to be more assiduous in reading posts. If not, then this is patently false. Please reread my only previous post in this thread and tell me how the section beginning "As far as setting up the bass, it's much more than just fitting a new bridge. In the first place,..." is NOT helpful.

"you don't know me , you've never met me , you don't know my playing experience or for that matter my experience in setting up basses."
No, I don't. But I do know that you don't respond well to any disagreement, that any disagreement with your opinion is seen as some sort of attack on your person.
Now everybody knows a little about Don. You have the opportunity to let everyone know a little about you. If you had to fit a bridge for the first time when you were on the road with Elvin, let everybody know. If you had to go through 3 bridges to get the first one right, let everybody know.
But especially if you're giving advice to a high school kid who hasn't been playing long, give him the full picture ie "Yes I fit bridges and it's not that hard but I have a background in woodworking from having built (cabinets, furniture, guitars, whatever) for x number of years and I had a luthier friend of mine available to answer any questions I had and to help me with the sticky bits." That's better advice than " Buy one from Lemur and put it on yourself."

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