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Raybo, 12" vs 15" etc.

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Posted by bj on December 09, 2001 at 06:29:17:

>>>>>> Ray is locked into his endorsement w/Polytone. Let's just say that even if he WANTED to change pickups he couldn't.... <<<<<<

I've wondered if he even realizes what's coming out front and have dropped a few hints to him about it...
BTW, he's going in for a knee replacement operation this month. Let's wish him well. He's given all of us so much and is one of the last links as someone that came up through the 40's when jazz was the pop music, not to mention the 50's and 60's etc. How many players are still on the road 9 or 10 months of the year teaching & playing their asses off that played with Bird and Diz, Duke... pretty much every jazz legend of the 20th Century? (And why the hell wasn't he on a certain PBS jazz series recently instead of a couple of guys pontificating a lota hot air about something they weren't even a part of...)

If I sound good on a gig I have to credit Ray for a large part of it.

>>>>>>Re: subjectivity, that's why these boards can help, even if only a little. It would take a lot of time and effort to get out and hear every possible combination, like you said, so here I can get turned on to new products, get a general idea of them, and then go out and try a few. Also, in-store demos are not very decisive anyway, so sometimes you just have to buy the best thing you can find, use it for a while, and then decide. Some places have cool return policies for just this reason.<<<

Agree completely. I only get concerned when someone might claim to have the "be all / end all" amp, pickup etc.
To reiterate, I would hope that everyone here would first and foremost want to find the combination that makes their particular bass sound like THEIR BASS out front, and not the horrible electric wet sock sound I hear all too often in performances and on recordings. I had hoped that would have died in the 70's.

>>>So what are you playing through now?<<<<

A strong finger and a beautiful 150 yr. old German lady that requires little in the way of sound support, so I try to just use a little mic in concerts and clubs if provided, or if absolutely necessary, the Realist and the GK 150 or the Contra if the mic option is unavailable. Most mics seem to work well on it and I don't let them get it up too loud. One idiot "sound" man was cranking me up on solos and even added reverb at a concert last month... 10 dope slaps.

"The best sound man? NO soundman!" -Phil Woods

I try to play with people that like that acoustic approach and listen. There's loads of bassists that can run circles around me soloistically, but I'm hearing more and more from good pianists and horn players that they want something less in their face (amp/volume) and prefer a bass sound that's warm, supportive and drives them from air coming out of the f holes, not a cranked up amp with low action. John Clayton, Peter Washington, Dennis Irwin etc. have been on the same wavelength for years.

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