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Re: Shipping blues

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Posted by Rich Laird on December 17, 2001 at 18:27:35:

In Reply to: Re: Shipping blues posted by Bob Gollihur on December 12, 2001 at 17:32:20:

: : Took a contract job in Ma. and I need to get my bass from Ca.
: : Any advice on shipping precautions, price, dos and don'ts,
: : best method, cheapest method, airline precautions, etc?

: If you're going to take it on a plane, rent a hard case that is ATA rated. There are outfits that will rent them. I sell carved basses that are built in Bulgaria, and they build crates, which are flown in a container to the US and then trucked- we use Consolidated Freight. NONE of the regular trucking companies are any better than the others IMHO - we have had two basses pierced with fork lift blades in the past three months, though none (all the way to the bass) in the prior 2 yrs - so, it is a crapshoot. That said, the crates have fiberboard sides, so a more robust (and heavy) crate might survive better.

: A few years ago a fellow in CA bought my old Kay and paid to have a local outfit pack and ship it by truck. Cost $400 total at the time, and they built a light crate, covered the bass (in a soft case) with plastic and then blew in expanding foam. They also recommended that the bridge be dropped, and of course you wrap up the strings and back of the tailpiece so the body isn't scratched.

: You could also rent a case and ship it by truck. Seems like the fiberglas and similar bass transport cases are the best bet. There is a guy in SF that makes and sells them, and others as well. See my LINKS page under MISC.

: Good luck!

Sounds like Bob's got it about right, as usual. But I will just add this, for what it's worth. I sort of helped someone with the purchase of a bass about a year ago. Involved shipping from somewhere in the Pacific Nothwest - Vancouver maybe - to Florida. Door-to-door shipping - including packing! - was handled by Yellow Freight. It was very quick and cost-effective, though I won't try to remember details (I'm sure I'd get it wrong anyway!).

In my own experience, shipping by truck normally involves getting your own trunk, a lot of schlepping, and a major risk that your axe doesn't get where you need it, when you need it. But this Yellow Freight thing sounded like a much different kind of deal. No gurantees - but one option to look into.

Just one last word...INMSURANCE

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