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Posted by david mck on December 22, 2001 at 01:10:31:

In Reply to: Re: cheap parents...I NEED HELP!! Who want's the bass posted by Katie on December 21, 2001 at 20:35:52:

: : : i am a student, and my parents are looking for a string bass for me. i've made sure that theyre not going to get me a mass-produced chineese bass, but they are still very cheap? whats a good laminate/hybrid/carved/whatever bass for relatively--i mean very little. Thanks!

: Thomas,
: In my opinion the thing you really need to be concerned about in a bass is not price or make, but sound and feel. just because something costs more does not make it better. make sure you PLAY alot of different basses before you decide on one. Visit several stores. Even basses that are the same model from the same company sound and feel different from eachother. Make sure you are not playing a showroom model, but the actual bass you would take home if you were to buy it. I own an $800 englehardt that plays wonderfully, I have played $3-5000 basses that I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. Also, your current skill level and speed of advancement should factor into the decision. Talk to your lesson teacher about what you'll need. If a plywood won't do you justice in a few years, maybe you're better off waiting and saveing to buy a model that will. Hope this helps! by the way, there are some really nice basses coming out of china now. When I went to buy my 2nd bass(not the Englehardt) I played a roomful of basses and came up with 2 possibilities for me, a brand new chinese, and an '87 wilfer(I bought the wilfer). Both were of excellent quality and sound, don't rule them out JUST because they're cheap or chinese. O! one more thing, this kinda expands on the make sure you play it idea, remember everyone has their own preferences in set up and sound, so don't go by advice alone. And don't let salesmen talk you into something you don't want just because it costs more. Good Luck and happy bass hunting. -Katie

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