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Posted by anonymouse on December 31, 2001 at 12:06:13:

In Reply to: Various and sundry posted by Francis X. on December 30, 2001 at 08:28:31:

Dear Francis,

This is my own opinion and others with more experience may have sopmething different to say.....

I would not recommend using bass guitar fingering on the upright, except if you have hands like a gorilla or a 1/2 scale bass. The reasons for using the three finger "Simandl" method in the lower positions are

1) Intonation - accuracy and repeatability

2) Injury avoidance (you did mention tendonitis)

Granted, the three finger method is very different - you are effectively relearning the instrument - and some of the patterns you used with electric bass need to be refitted to match the longer neck of the upright (i.e. more open strings)

Your instructor should be encouraging you to use the correct fingering. If he isn't, check out one of many excellent method books by Rufus Reid, Sher, Simandl, etc that show suggested "Correct" fingerings. Figure about 4 months of practice and the new fingering should be second nature.

Good Luck

: Dear Friends:Greetings for the New Year. I have a couple of questions that I hope you professionals can help me with:
: 1}I am re-learning how to play DB after not touchimg one for 20+ years. Yes,I did get a teacher when I got the bass last March,but he is only available on a once a montn basis. Now that I can play well enough to jam with other dillatntes,I find that on certain Pop tunes(My Girl;Stand By Me),I automatically revert to bass guitar fingering,using the 3rd finger a great deal.Definitely not what Simandl had in mind. When I practice from the Simandl or other DB texts,I resume proper fingering. Any harm in using those old bass guitar fingerings?

: 2)My fingers on both hands now click when I flex them towards my palms;I believe that I may have tendonitis. Not very painful,but disconcerting. Anyone experience this?

: 3}I cut some 1/8" shims from particleboard and put them under the feet of my bass'bridge. The sound was greatly improved,and all buzzing ceased. The G string was nasal and noticeably louder then the other strings,so I strip the insulation from some speaker wire and placed it between the string and the bridge,resulted in a very balanced sound form all stings. Any thoughts on how my luthier can improve on these home remedies?

: Thanks,Francis X.

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