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Re: American Airlines destroyed my bass! Any advice?

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Posted by Stephen Koscica on January 13, 2002 at 18:33:58:

In Reply to: Re: American Airlines destroyed my bass! Any advice? posted by Andy Seed on January 13, 2002 at 03:39:57:

American IS liable for your bass. They could always argue that because your case shows no sign of damage, the bass could have been like that before it was shipped. Hey, they say whatever it takes. That is why pictures and luthers who know the bas can help against this.

I had a bass TOTALLY smashed and not just the neck. IT looked as if someone just stood the top and jumped on it. Hole about 1 foot by 1 1/2 feet!!! REALLY!!!!

Anyhow, I got something like $1,200 worth of flight vouchers from them. No money though. This is because it was involved in a international flight. That was the catch that got them off here. Domestic flights they should cover your damage. I thought that their customer relations department was pretty good. I had a lawyer write a 'demand' letter and it cost me $150. You can also file a claim against them in small claims in Dallas. They also cannot afford the bad PR now as well. My advice is write to customer relations, document with lots of pictures (before and aft) and let them know how important this bass was to you and how that it is their time to step and cover it.

I think you will get them to cover most of it or give you something worth your while. By the way, Jon Peterson in Long Beach is one of the best repairmen in the world. His shop is called World of Strings.

What brand of case was it? Hopefully not one of ours!!

you can call me if you like,

Steve Koscica
String Emporium

: : Dear Friends,

: : hello from the IAJE convention in Long Beach, CA! I am writing this message to ask for some advice to you all. I have flown here from Boston on an American Airlines flight, and checked my 100+ yrs old German bass in with my sturdy fiberglass trunk. I have traveled internationally with it for 6 years and never had a problem: the bass always got to destination in great condition. That was sadly not the case this time: as soon as I opened the trunk in Long Beach, I realized that the neck and the body of the bass were two separate entities. Since the case did not have a scratch in it, I assume that the bass must have been badly mishandled to have been broken into two parts WITHIN the hardshell case.

: : American Airlines said they don't cover musical instruments in their insurance policy, so basically they won't give me a dime and now I will be left to my own devices, having to spend $1000+ for the repairs, with no guarantees my bass will ever sound the same or have any value left.

: : Any advice me make AA pay for the damages? Unfortunately my bass was not privately insured, so they are the only ones I can try to get some money from.

: : Thanks in advance for your help,

: : Marco

: An open letter to Marco and everyone !

: I'm sorry Marco but I can't be of any help here as I am not familiar with the laws regarding coverage of damage to other peoples property (while you are transporting it ) over in the U.S.A - this , however , should be an instance where your troubles serve as an invaluable lesson to us all .

: 1/ Never let your bass out of your sight when you are transporting it if possible ( I know this is not viable when travelling by air ) -- always work on the assumption that baggage handlers ARE the Missing Link !

: 2/ Always have your instrument insured by a specialist musical instrument insurance company - that way if the worst does happen at least you've got cover - insurance doesn't cost that much !

: I'm sorry for the damage to your instrument Marco and wish you luck with your fight with the airline .

: Andy .

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