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Re: HELP! Best Pickup needed NOW!

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Posted by pmroz on January 28, 2002 at 20:13:59:

In Reply to: Re: HELP! Best Pickup needed NOW! posted by JazzMan on January 27, 2002 at 11:39:16:

: : I know this has been covered before, but I want to do it right the first time! I'm impressed with the realist's claims, but what about its durability over the years? I have SVT 100 & 350 combos for amps now, a thin 3/4 Czech thats about 250 years old & a 1936 Alfred Meyer fully carved 3/4 & another German carved top about the same age. I've play locally in swing & Big band for 30 years with my Fender's but have been playing a lot of acoustic gigs lately, and would like to include doghouse to my louder gigs. I've used the Barcus years ago without a preamp so it wasn't acceptable. I need to play loud enough to stay with over enthusiastic horn sections. Also now I use Orchestra Spiro-cores and the "E" does'nt have the acoustic volume of the other strings on all my basses. All advice much appreciated. Booger


: I've tried numerous pickups and combinations of pickups but found the K&K Double Big Twin to be the best of them all for the music I play (Jazz, Rock-a-billy and Blues). I run it through a Fishman B-II preamp into a Fender Bassman with 2 12" Jensen speakers and it very good. Contact Bob Gollihur for details. He's great to work with.

i have a sub-par german 3/4 lam upright that i tour with, about two hundred shows a year, all amplified all upright, playing latin/ salsa/ jazz with a small but mighty horn section, viola, piano, guitar, drums, & conga/perc. i started with a fishman (nope) then found a zeta upright pickup system (it's an entire adjustable bridge/ tailpiece) which list about $600, except i don't know if zeta still sells the upright system any more. now i think they only use it on their basses, but you may be able to find one used... my screamin deal was $400.

the system works great, though i have to plug the f-holes to prevent too much resonance from the amp. two years ago i got a sansamp bass driver di ($200list), which has a knob labelled blend specifically for piezo-upright systems, according to the manual. also bass/treble/presence/input/output gains along with 1/4 & xlr outs, so it's my di onstage. the 1/4 inch out goes to a korg rack tuner, then a gk800rb amp, thenout the amp's crossover to two cabinets; 100 watts to a hartke cabinet with 4 5" aluminum cone speakers (pawn shop in nashville- never seen another one) that sounds fantastic, and 300 watts to a bag end with evbpro 15" speaker. this all sits atop an ultimate support keyboard stand about 36" off the floor, again for resonance reasons).

the pickup combined with the preamp was a huge improvement over pickup alone. for our last album we tried $4000 tube preamps, compressors, etc. then went back to the sansamp as it really sounded much better than anything else (and this was a professional audio supply firm as well as a studio-- they had lots of gear).

i tried a k&k on a kay upright one time and didn't like it, but it was set up for rockabilly (the bass had flames on it).

something else i would highly recommend is a pickup system by Rick Turner of Ca., don't have any contact info, but he makes great systems. i had heard of him for a few years, then finally got to plug one in, on a respectable bass, and it sounded great. very true tone and color. highly recommended, especially for jazz... good nuances of tone and full sound.

my preference for the style of music i play is less resonance rather than more (i'm looking for a baby bass) but i also like lots of bottom in my amp, shooting right at my butt... ok i better go, hope this helps...

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