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Re: hearing your intonation through an amp. Marmonics?

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Posted by Brad Maestas on October 10, 2002 at 19:45:03:

In Reply to: Re: hearing your intonation through an amp. Marmonics? posted by steve tarner on February 22, 2002 at 14:21:58:

: : : : hey ya'll- I'm playing with a pretty loud combo and noticing that as I up the amp volume it gets harder to discern my intonation until I hit a note that is really off. the amp is a working man's 15, so its built for urb. playing w.o amplification seems much easier at maintaining my intonation because I can hear it better and adjust as needed. any suggestions? thanks! go team! tom

: : : Check your EQ settings . I play with some loud combos ( including a blues band with 3 guitars and some rockabilly bands ) and have no trouble with intonation - if you have too much bass and not enough mid range frequencies your sound will be muddy and you'll have problems then . A graphic EQ may help here .
: : : incidentely I use an Acoustic Image Contra with a modified extension speaker that has a second power amp in it - it's as clear as they come !
: : : Andy .

: :
: : EQ is one thing, another easy trick is to firmly press your left ear to the neck of the bass while playing, you will clearly hear the higher harmonics of the instrument.
: : Works also pretty well when tuning the bass; another advice : tune your bass with the bow using the marmonics , with bowing you hear better the harmonics, you can then detect quite well if a string is nearly dead : when harmonics aren't in tune with the fundamental, it's time to change strings!

:Been working on this for years. I try as hard as I can to find a way to get at least one of the drivers from the amp aimed at my skull. If your amp stays AWAY from the corners in a room you can eliminate the deadly standing waves that make the lowend response build up. You perceive it to be louder but it is also muddier at the same time. I am familiar with the combo you mentioned and I've had a hard time with a 15" speaker unless it is a Bag End with the horn in it. I've found that the smaller diameter speakers speak with more accurate and transparent clarity than the larger drivers. It seems to be easier to control feedback. The only thing is you have to have more drivers to compensate for the size differences. If you have a friend with a Baby Blue combo try it out. It has a higher "center" of frequencies and I find it helps with hearing the note while also sounding musical and warm.

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