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Re: Acoustic Bass Method Books for a 9 year old student

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Posted by mohamed on November 07, 2002 at 07:56:45:

In Reply to: Re: Acoustic Bass Method Books for a 9 year old student posted by gael on January 13, 2002 at 10:25:18:

: Hello, George, here I have some more titles for you.


: Jean-Loup DEHANT : "ma 1ere année de contrebasse"
: 59 pp plus 16 pp for the piano part
: Ed. COMBRE, Paris 1993

: "String tunes"
: a very beginning solo (or unison) songbook
: 36 songs in progressive order starting with the 1st 3 notes taught in all
: beginning string methods
: (1st pos. exclusively)
: Belwin Mills 1994 (CD piano)

: Bernard SALLES : "pour les jeunes contrebassistes"
: Vol.1 (1st pos.) 26 songs for DB and piano
: Ed. BILLAUDOT, Paris

: Colin EVANS : "Basic bass"
: 6 easy pieces for DB and piano
: the piano plays the melody while the bass plays an accompaniment
: using only open strings
: Ed. PAXTON (England) 1983

: I told you about a book for cello :
: it's a German book of duets by Hermann REGER, Ed. SCHOTT
: The title must be something like : "Duetten fuer junge Cellisten" (?)
: You won't use a lot of that music, but it can be a very good example
: for you to write pedagogic duets.

: Let's consider now why I recommand these books.
: "Bass is best" will be probably the most appropriate of all, since it is
: intended for young children, starts with a lot of varied tunes with open
: strings and then offers a number of alternative ways, using the 1st harmonic,
: the octave-note in 4th pos, etc.etc..., explores 1st, 1/2 pos, then double stops
: and proposes a very intelligent construction to explore progressively higher notes on the G-string. Excellent duets. A complete analysis of the qualities of this book is simply impossible, as I experemented when preparing my pedagogic
: diploma.
: They have now a second volume.

: The Colin Evans is more material for whom needs (like they have in Bass is best
: and others).

: Less ambitious than Bass is best, the DEHANT is different and very good.

: Then I put 2 songbooks with piano in 1st pos.
: Even if Nathan is gifted and learns fast, he will probably need to explore
: a varied repertoire in a basic position. Even if I don't always proceed
: this way, usually it helps to have a good repertoire in 1st pos., which avoids
: the traditionnal, repetitive way of older methods and starts with G and D-string, considering the lower notes for later.

: The "String tunes" is useful, but the B.SALLES is particularly good.
: Then he must already have a good collection to enjoy the further positions.


: Yorke Studies vol.1
: Yorke Edition

: Jean-Loup DEHANT : "la contrebasse pour tous"
: (suite de "ma 1ere année")
: Good classical method, developing a good, varied technique in a simple way.
: Nice duets. Introduction to orchestra repertoire.
: Unlike in his 1st book, JLD starts here in 1/2 pos., which I like less.
: But it is a very valuable book, up to 6th pos.
: Ed. COMBRE, Paris 1998, 72 pp

: Bernard SALLES : "Pièces classiques pour contrebasse" vol.1, with piano.
: Ed. BILLAUDOT, Paris 1992

: "Leichte Spielstuecke fuer Kb und Klavier"
: Teil 1 - Anfaenger 1/2 to 4th pos.
: VEB Deutscher Verlag fuer Musik Leipzig

: This seems me a selection of material of quality.
: Now if you have more specific questions, it would be a pleasure for me
: to try to give some clues.
: If you discover any valuable method, please tell me !

: Yours very sincerely,

: gael

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