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Mark's comments are RIDICULOUS!!!

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Posted by Scot on December 11, 2002 at 15:47:25:

In Reply to: Re: Upright for lefties??? posted by Mark on May 03, 2001 at 10:20:42:

I am a lefty who started playing guitar over 20 years ago. In those days lefties were much harder to come by than they are today. So I bought a righty and restrung it. BIG MISTAKE. It was never comfortable, the nut wouldn't hold the low E string, etc. It sat in my room untouched. Finally, I bought a lefty and started to play.

Everyone's brain is wired differently and you have to do what is right and natural for you. My best friend (also a lefty) started playing guitar at the same time as me. He chose to learn right handed to simplify life for himself. He still plays, but has never progressed to a high level of play. He has more natural music ability than I do and I blow him away.

He recently wanted to buy my sax and learn a new instrument so that he would be "good" at something. I play violin left handed. Everyone looks at me funny. SO WHAT!!!

Mark says to play it the way it was designed. That's hogwash. It was designed centuries ago when ergonomics were not a consideration. So, to now say "well that's the way it's suppose to be" is narrow, small minded thinking (if you can call that thinking).

As for eliminating the option of sitting in at a jam. That's bogus too. Of course you can sit in a jam, you just won't be able to use someone elses bass. SO WHAT!!!

Of course you can learn from standard fingering charts and books. There are now leftie guitar books out there. I learned to read the charts as a lefty does. They make perfect sense to me because that's how my mind sees it. If you learned from infancy to read right to left and never did anything else, you would be good at it and it would make perfect sense to you even though the rest of the world would be confused by what you are doing. SO WHAT!!!

AS for his comments about teachers, in the days I was taking guitar lessons, it was never a problem for my teacher. You don't need to find a "special" teacher who has experience with lefties. The teacher should be able to help you just fine. He/she may have to take an extra minute to figure out how to show you something. SO WHAT!!!!

You WILL NOT as Mark said, benefit from learning the instrument "the way it was designed." Those instruments (right-handed ones) were not designed for YOU. You will benefit most from learning on an instrument that is designed for you - a lefty. Don't even consider anything else.

I also play lefted handed double bass, banjo, violin and electric bass.

Do what is is right, normal and natural for you or you will never achieve your fullest potential and will face years of frustration and regret about it.

Mark said that it is "Royal Instrument to be Royally Regarded!!" To treat it royally, the best thing you can do is to get the right instrument for yourself and become achieve the highest level of play that you are capable of reaching. It is unlikely you can do that with a right handed one.

Please don't give to much credit to his short-sighted, backwards ideas.


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