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Re: Amazonian Bass Information

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Posted by Chloe Cutts on August 14, 2002 at 11:37:13:

In Reply to: Re: Amazonian Bass Information posted by Andy Seed on December 26, 2001 at 18:07:01:

Dear Andy,
I'm very interested in publishing the Some Like It Hot story in Double Bassist magazine (we have a back page devoted to funny/crazy stories). I wondered whethery ou could send me the original 2 page newspaper article about it (via email)? I would publish your name alongside the piece as a thankyou!

Let me know what you think.

Chloe Cutts
Assistant Editor of Double Bassist magazine

: : : In a recent correspondance with a bass player friend of mine, I was informed of the fate of the 'Some like it hot' bass which Tony Curtiss used as a prop in the MGM film production. He informed me that the bass met a sad ending whilst being carried through some mountainous region of the Amazon. Apparently, the bass was being carried on the back of an American proffesor of music when it came loose and was smashed to matchsticks as it fell down into a chasm. It was left there due to the fact that it would have proven too treacherous to attempt to retrieve it. I wonder if there are any more stories of famous instruments meeting with a sad end?

: : Didn't you say in an earlier post that you saw this particular bass on a recent trip? The one with holes drilled into it to make it look like it had been shot? I'm soooo confused. I've heard off lots of sad bass stories though. Scott LaFaro's bass survived the crash that killed him, although badly burned. Some very nice basses belonging to a symphony in texas(houston?) suffered irrepearable flood damage. I've heard of basses smashed in garbage trucks and burned through by candle's at jazz gigs. The worst story I've heard was of a fine italian instrument that had been traveling by plane with it's owner. Some idiot tried to pick it up with a fork lift and it ended up with a forklift shaped hole in its bottom. . Can't think of any more right now, although it would be interesting to here some. Please clear up the "Some like it hotKatie
: Katie,
: The origin of the "Some Like It Hot" story came from me, if you look further down the page you'll see the whole ( or should that be hole ) entry under a thread that's called something like "Double Bass With Bullet Holes".
: The bass was taken to the Amazon by a music professor but I don't know what happened from there -- I do have the original 2 page newspaper article about him doing it though . I would like to know what happened to the bass from there -- if anyone has any real info ( NO NOT YOU Dave ! ) , by the way I do know Dave Lewer , I would like to know .
: Many thanks ,
: Andy .

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