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Re: music and feelin

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Posted by Paul Bryan on August 23, 2000 at 22:37:14:

In Reply to: Re: music and feelin posted by paige on August 23, 2000 at 16:17:06:

Gotta agree with that. I found when training my ear by trying to figure out things from the tape I could feel what was right and wrong as well, but often couldn't tell why (too sharp, too flat etc.).

The more I did it though going by feeling of that was right, that was wrong (which incidentally shows my ear was trained but still needed fine tuning) the better my ear got and I was begin to distinguish exactly where I was right or wrong. A semi tone here, a semi tone there. After a while I could listen to the tape and just about pick the notes without picking up an instrument. At the very least I got the intervals right.

Singing along to the tape (not the words, but the bass line or chords - I guess that would be humming, not singing then!!) helps heaps. I've never been a very good singer which is cool, but because of this I shyed away from humming along. But doing this not only helps you to play better, because you begin to feel what the notes or intervals are but also I found I could sing a whole bunch better as well!!

My point (finally) is that some people, like myself tend to ignore that side of things and do themselves a great dis service. Your ear will get better just by playing, but a little training specificaly for you ear helps you enourmously as a musician. You really begin to play with the band much more and find your self in the groove or pocket (what ever you want to call it) much more often and much easier as well.

: : ok, not really lesson related, but i was just wondering how many people
: : on this boardexperience this. Whether I am figuring out a tune on tape,
: : or playing with other people, when everything is just right, the notes are
: : dead on, and the groove is good, i get a chill down my spine and a warm fuzzy
: : feeling in my heart. When something is off, whether with myself or someone
: : else is struggling with a piece, there isn't anything.

: : When I am figuring something out by ear, I know when I get it right becuase
: : it just "feels" right. If something is wrong, I get a rather "uncomfortable"
: : feeling.

: Greg:
: It's called being "in the pocket". When that happens, the groove pulls everyone along for the ride. When you are not "in the pocket", you struggle, pushing and pulling trying to force the groove and it is a very stressful thing for a fact.

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