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Re: Tuba player learning, how do you stop a note?

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Posted by mark d. on August 28, 2000 at 09:39:35:

In Reply to: Tuba player learning, how do you stop a note? posted by Thom on August 17, 2000 at 22:15:09:

It is mostly open strings that need muting. Freted notes last only as long as you hold the note with your finger.Simply removing your finger(s) to the next note stops the vibration. If the next note is a rest though I usually stop it by touching the string with my plucking hand, I use the same finger I plucked with or sometimes a different one if I need to. Palm muting is easiest with a pick but I will occasionly palm mute when I'm playing fingerstyle on electric when I'm trying for more of an acoustic sound. Don't forget to learn to mute with your fretting hand also. This really helps me when I'm playing thumb-style especially with hamered on thumb- pluck flurries etc. It will be a while before tou have to worry about muting flurries but if you just practice fret hand muting it will be easier later. Practice striking an open A or E string with the thumb on your plucking hand and let it ring. now do it again but this time mute the sound with your index finger on your fret hand. now again but mute with the palm of your plucking hand. You get the idea. on electric bass the muting is almost intant. On acoustic the notes keep ringing in the sound chamber for a slight delay much like the air traveling through that big ol' horn of yours. And as I'm sure your aware ALL bass waves are slow moving. I remember playing tuba in marching band and having to cut off early so the judges sitting way up in the press box didn't here tuba overhanging the phrase. Panyway hope this helps... m.d.

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